Friday, February 29, 2008

E-BOOKS— for a Happy Future

Are ebooks the new trend in reading? Or are readers reluctant to buy them?

Since my first book was released from Cerridwen Press as an ebook, it seemed fitting to discuss the reasons people read or don’t read ebooks.

I personally discovered ebooks a couple months ago. Somehow I thought it would be difficult to download them. Well the first time I bought an ebook, I couldn’t believe it took exactly ten seconds for the download. Doubting my own sight, I checked. The book was here, saved in Adobe on my computer. By the way, the first e-book I bought was Mad About Mirabelle by Amarinda Jones. I read it on my monitor screen at a comfortable font size. It was easier to read than printed books with tiny letters and provided a good break from writing while I sat at my computer, reading, laughing and relaxing.

After my first attempt, I became an advocate of ebooks. You can buy them from the comfort of your office. And they are easier to store. I have four floor-to-ceiling bookcases. On the first shelf of the one across from my desk, my father’s books are proudly displayed. On the second and third shelves, I have arranged the autographed books of my published friends and authors of my chapters. My bookcases are full, some with double rows of books. In addition, I have two big boxes of favorite old books, mostly historicals. How I wish they were all ebooks. It’s becoming an issue in my household to buy a new book without giving away an old one to make room.

As Liz Jasper said in a recent post on the Pink Fuzzy Slippers blog: Some readers like the fact that e-books allow authors to push the boundaries of prescribed genres: romance with mystery, or mystery with romance or maybe ghosts or shape shifter's in a hard-boiled mystery. It may be hard to find such novels in a traditional bookstore because, since they don't fit neatly into a specific section of a bookstore. Traditional publishers aren't willing to take the risk that an audience will find them. Well said, Liz.

I recently heard from a friend whose son lives in Japan that over there some schools have replaced all printed books with ebooks. The kids don’t have to carry a heavy load on their way to school, just their eReaders, and at school they use computers. Who knows, it may not be long before ebooks slowly replace the printed books.

By the way, I travel often and I can’t carry too many books with me, especially with some airlines charging for each suitcase checking. Since I read mostly when I am away from home, I'm looking for an eReader to buy before my next trip. I will download as many ebooks as I can and enjoy them while I am away from home.

So why are some people reluctant to read ebooks?

Tell us why you like or don’t like to buy and read eBooks?

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Amarinda Jones said...

Aussies have not embraced e-books which means they are hard to flog over here because people want a 'real' book. Mind you not many people say that to me anymore as they are very aware what my response will be. I can be a tad vocal

Lisa said...

Hi Mona! I agree that ebooks are extremely easy to download. I think once e-readers come down a bit more in price, the concept of ebooks will really take off. Congratulations and all the best with your new release!

Molly Daniels said...

Since e-books came along, hubby thinks that soon kids all over the world will be carrying flash drives to download their textbooks. It would sure cure the 'backpack problem' we hear of every fall, wouldn't it?

I can't wait until I get an e-reader, so the next time I travel, I won't have to lug a carry-on full of books:)

Kelly Kirch said...

I'm saving for one too. The ebook reader I have is unhackable and dh bought it off ebay. Nice thought, bad idea. I want me a Kindle or Sony. If Kindle, I'll wait another year. Gotta save gotta save.

Sharona Nelson said...

Hi Mona,

A Heartbeat member here stopping by to say hi. Congratulations on your latest release!

Did you know next week is Read an eBook Week? EBooks are environmentally friendly and a great alternative to paper for those who are trying to be more "green".

Here's the link, in case you or your readers would like to know more:

Great blog!

Sharona Nelson

Mona Risk said...

AJ, soon you good Aussies will beat us to ebooks. You'll see. My DH's nieces in Sydney have read my book before the relatives from NY.

Lisa, I knew you'd agree that ebooks are in the near future. Remember organizers and Palm Pilots. They were the big hit in the 90s. Once we got them at work we couldn't live without them...until the cell phone came along.

Mona Risk said...

Molly, I think it's a pity to let kids carry so many books. I remember my father saying, you're going to hurt your back, don't carry all of "that" every day.

Kelly, I already did a first scouting but like you, I'm waiting for the prices to drop.

Mona Risk said...

Sharona, I recognized your name. As the Treasurer I update the Heartbeat roster regularly. Thanks for the information about eBook week. I didn't know and will check the site.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Mona, I hadn't heard about ebook being used in schools in Japan. What a good idea. Not only because kids won't have to carry the books, but because my son's textbooks wouldn't end up dogearred and dirty. I think he plays soccar with his backpack (grrr).

I've read a number of ebooks over the last couple of years. They are definitely the book of future. When one thinks about conservation of resources, it makes far more sense to have hundred if not thousands of books downloaded on a nifty portable reader than to have stacks of paper books.

Liz Jasper said...

Okay, this is my third try to leave a comment. Apparently my typing skills only last until the sign in part and then fail miserably.

Yay on your new release and thanks for quoting me. Here's hoping ebook acceptance keeps growing.


Anny Cook said...

Cool blog, Mona. I've been reading e-books for five years. Looooove e-books because I can carry around a library with me. I have the Sony (valentines day present) and it currently has 80 books on it.

Also, I've found that the more I use it out in public, the more awareness it generates both for the reader and the idea of e-books.