Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I didn't post the pictures of my prizes here but you can see them on yesterday blog. On Thursday night, I will pull three names and announce my winners and I will post a complete love scene. Stay with me, my friends, tonight and tomorrow.


“What did the FBI agent say?”

“He said he’ll hold me responsible for your safety. I must not leave your side for a second. I wasn’t planning to anyway,” he added as he sat on the edge of the bed.

She backed up. “You don’t have to take him literally. Nothing else is going to happen tonight. You can go back to your room,” she ordered him with a firm tone.

He arched an eyebrow, shook his head and lay down on the bed, surreptitiously hiding the foil packet in his hand under the pillow. “I’m not moving from here. Make yourself comfortable. Feel free to undress, wear your nightgown or pajamas.” Supporting his head on his flexed arm, he smiled broadly. “Unless you sleep without constricting clothes as I usually do?”

She jerked her head toward him. “You…have some nerve. Get out of my bed and go play your sexy games with the woman next door.”

“Cheryl, I’m not going to leave your side tonight or tomorrow or after that. So get used to it.”

“Well I need my bed to sleep.”

“I’m not taking it anywhere. It’s a huge bed. I’ll just use this edge. You can stay as far away as you want.” Too bad the romantic moment they’d shared a short while ago was lost.
“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely.” He struggled to hide a victorious smile when her gaze assessed the bed, measuring its width.

“Well in that case, go get your own cover. We’re not sharing a cover.”

“I don’t need one.” He rubbed his hand over his chest and gave her a devilish grin. “I don’t like covers.”

She waggled her finger at him. “And don’t you dare undress more.”
He burst out laughing. “I promise I won’t, unless you ask me to.”

Breathing out an exasperated sigh, she played with a lock of her hair and kept twirling it around her finger. “Seriously, you’re planning to spend the night here, with me?”

There was so much wonder in her widened eyes, so much sweetness in her puckered mouth, he instantly sobered. “I would love to spend the night with you, chérie.” He stretched his arm, extending his hand to her. “Come. I’ll keep you warm and secure.”

Cheryl studied his open palm. It was strong and elegant, with long fingers. A hand that could take but promised to give.

She needed stability and love. Could he give them to her?

He could, but he probably wouldn’t because he didn’t believe in love and commitment. He used secret doors like his ancestors.

Not true in her case. He hadn’t crossed the one on her side until she’d opened the door. She trailed the deep lines in his palm, hesitating. He could give her passion and pleasure and make her feel special. For a few hours. Her pulse raced as her internal debate escalated.

He waited, his gaze following the little dance of her fingertip. She wanted to feel special to him. She wanted his passion.

She raised her eyes and smiled.

He smiled back, wrapped his hand around her finger and tugged her toward him. Her smile broadened. She wanted that man so much. She slid across the bedcover and lay on top of him, her breasts peaking against his naked chest. His arms enclosed her and pressed her head down to meet his kiss. She parted her lips and welcomed his tongue for an intimate ballet with hers. He tasted of wine, power and man. Her man now. He cupped her buttock and pulled her against his erection. She was hot, on fire, panting.

Snatching her mouth away, she moaned and threw her head backward to gulp air. He slid his hand up her spine and under her shirt and squeezed it between their bodies to close over her breast. As he gently kneaded, shivers of pleasure raced across her skin. She panted. “Too hot.”

“I can help.” He rose to a sitting position, pulling her onto his lap. “You’re overdressed.”

Good News:

Last night I received a great review from Simply Romance Review for TO LOVE A HERO with an A score and an OUTSTANDING READING.


Beth Trissel said...

Wow! What a wonderful review, Mona. Super terrific.

Mona Risk said...

Thank you Beth. It made my day because it came as a surprise.

wildchild said...

Mona, I have really enjoyed reading all the excerpts. I can't wait to actually read the books.

Molly Daniels said...

This was great!

Linda said...

Hi Mona,
I loved the excerpt and your Web site. Really great! Congratualtions on the awesome review. Keep up the good work.
Linda Warren

Georgie said...

Congrats on your great review.

Sandra Cox said...

I LOVE your cover, Mona!

Mona Risk said...

Thank you for posting Beth, Wildchild, Molly, Linda, Sandra and Georgie. We are at the end of the contest. I will post the three winners in my next blog.