Saturday, November 8, 2008

Taiwan and Hong Kong

Those two metropolitan cities highlight the clash between ancient religious civilizations and ultra modern capitalistic worlds.More simplistically they represent a shoppers' paradize for people who like to look for bargain.

Taiwan crowded, active, struggling to be modern with the tallest building in the world: Building 101

Taiwan respectfully honoring its leader:
Monument of Chank Kai Check. There is a museum inside and a statue that is the mirror image of the Lincoln monument of Washington DC

Taiwan, holding to its temples and traditions

HONG KONG : the busiest port in the world

A shopper's paradise. I love it!!!

Question 4: In which city of China is the Forbidden City located?

{the answers to the questions are in the different blogs describing my recent trip to china and the Far East}

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Molly Daniels said...

I am loving this pictorial stroll through your travels!