Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Your Dream Place

You all heard the song: I have a dream... from the musical Mamma Mia. My granddaughter loves to sing it and I hum it with her.

We often daydream about going to new places, far away countries or beautiful areas, almost in our backyard.

I have posted here pictures of landmarks. You will recognize:

Opera House of Sydney, Australia.

Carribean Sea at sunset

Pyramids of Egypt

Venice, Italy

Taj Mahal of India

Coliseum of Rome

Acropolis of Athenes

Golden Bridge of San Francisco

Eiffel Tower of Paris

  • Assume you have a magic lamp given to you by a gentle but powerful djin.

    If you rub it once, it would transport you anywhere you want.
  • If you rub it twice, you could take your favorite person with you.
  • If you rub three times, it would grant you the thing you want the most.

    Wanna play with me? This is our fifth contest. Please post your answer HERE on the blog, don’t email me.

    Where do you want to go? It can be any place in the USA or in the world. Tell us why you chose it.
Who would you take with you?

And what is it that you want so badly you are begging the djin
to grant it while rubbing the lamp?

I will start. I am rubbing the lamp once to go to Paris. I absolutely love Paris.

I am rubbing the lamp twice to take my husband with me. In my fourth medical romance, Rx FOR FUN, that will be coming soon my hero and heroine exchanged their first kiss on the to floor of the Eiffel Tower of Paris Eiffel Tower. I want to try that and see if it is as good as I describe it in my romance.

Now I am rubbing my lamp very hard, for the thing I want so badly: my readers to buy my new book, BABIES IN THE BARGAIN, and email me their impressions.

Winners of the fourth contest: yeah, the vodka one.

Loretta Canton and PhyllisC.

Please make sure you have signed my mailing list, choose your prize from the list in the previos posts and email me your address at

If you like to travel and love to read, come and enjoy my international romances. I will take you around the world through stories that simmer with emotion and sizzle with heat.



Jane said...

Congrats to the winners. Of all the places you've listed, I've only been to San Francisco. I would love to visit Egypt and see all the archaeological sites in the Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel. I would also love to take a cruise on the Nile and visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Can I take two people? I want to take my parents on this adventure.

Eva S said...

Congrats to the winners!
So many wonderful places...I've always dreamt of seeing Machu Picchu in Peru, I'd love to go there with my husband.
For my third wish right now I wish my coming neurosurgery to be a success...

Maija P. said...

I'd like to visit Egypt again. I've been to Luxor many years ago, but would love to see Cairo this time. I've studied egyptology since my last visit and I'd like to test my knowledge while seeing all those lovely sights. My traveling companion would be my fiance.

kat1reader said...

I have been lucky to travel to many places, and want to return to most. But somewhere I haven't been yet is France/Paris. Maybe use a little of my 8 years of French I learned (and have forgotten), see Notre Dame, visit Versailles, Normandy.
Who with? I've travelled with many friends - so can't pick one over another.
Want most? To actually take the trip (I've tried before, but it didn't work out)

Carly Carson said...

I just wanted to say I love your pictures. I could spend quite a while on this site. I want to go back to Scotland, and I'd take my husband. We might actually do this in Sept.


PS: The ground floor of the Eiffel Tower is not romantic. You can do much better in Paris. Take a boat ride on the Seine at night and kiss while passing the EF all lit up.

traveler said...

I enjoy your travelogues and photos greatly. They give me pleasure and enjoyment. Thanks for this lovely trip. My ultimate would be to travel throughout Italy since it is romantic, beautiful, historic and has charm and culnary delights. My husband would appreciate being with me. said...

The pictures are still great. I would say a genie lamp.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

I would love to visit Scotland again with my hubby. We fell in love with the place and I left part of my heart there. If I could have something happen - you guessed it, to become a pubbed author soon, if I am not asking too much.

Anonymous said...

The magic lantern really showed up here, and we are going to Bryce Canyon with son Bryce. He had a tough year in school, and while this place is not directly why he has his name, I think he'll get a boost from seeing it. (And if I get some inspiration for this western novel I've been mulling over, that'd be great too!)

Mary Ricksen said...

I want to go to Ireland, the beauty of the place draws me. I have relatives on my mothers side who live there too.
I would take my DH Chris. He'll make me laugh.
I know it sounds terrible but I'd ask the genie for money. Fixed income, and high expenses, old appliances, house repairs, well I just want enough to fix whats old and broken. I don't care about being rich, Just comfortable. If I could talk the genie into something else too, it would be that my second book does well.
Good luck Eva S, If I had the lamp, I'd let you use it instead.

Mona Risk said...

Jane, I can guarantee you'd love Egypt. The Valley of the Kings is impressive. My next dream is to cruise the Nile River. Many friends told me it was worth every penny.

Mona Risk said...

Eva, I wish you the best on your coming neurosurgery. Prayers going your way. Hopefully, you will go to Peru after that and you will bring us pictures to post here. I never went there.

Mona Risk said...

Maija P, going to Egypt with your fiance would make it a dream come true.I am sure you'd love to see the subject of your studies.The museum of Cairo is the richest one in antiquities but also the most cluttered one in the world. They may need someone like you to organize it. I hope you signed up to be on my mailing list

Mona Risk said...

kat1redaer, I would go to Paris every year if I had the funds. I have many friends there now and they help discover a new side of Paris every time I go. Last time was in 2005.

Mona Risk said...

Carly, I'll take your advice and cruise the Seine next time I'm in Paris.

Mona Risk said...

traveler, yes, yes go to Italy. It's even better and cheaper by cruise. Don't forget to savor theit famous gelato and cassata napolitana, the best ice cream in the world. It gave me a few extra pounds. LOL

Mona Risk said...

silvermage, I am glad you are enjoying the pictures. Thanks for giving me the word: genie lamp. I used djin, but genie is more correct.I'll change it in my post.

BTW, did you notice you are one of the two winners of contest 4? Please choose your prize.

Mona Risk said...

Paisley, you are so close, so close. I will rub the genie lamp for you and wish the editors to appreciate your talent. After your enthusiastic report on Sctland, we are thinking seriously about a next vacation in England and Scotland where I've never been.

Mona Risk said...

Annemariegamble, what a beautiful place Bryce Canyon is. Thanks for posting a picture. I'm sure your son will get a kick out of your trip. Have a great vacation.

Mona Risk said...

Mary, I hope your dream of seeing Ireland comes true and I am sure your second book will be very successful.

Emma Lai said...

What beautiful covers you have, Mona!

So, many choices on places to go. Honestly there's no one place, I'm dying to go. What I'd rather do is a year long world tour with my husband. That would be the ultimate. We've been so many places, but there are so many more to go. Is that taking the easy way out?

Estella said...

1. Hawaii
2. take my husband with me
3. financial security

Razlover's Book Blog said...

Congrats to the winners and happy reading!

I have always wanted to visit Egypt to check out the Valley of the Kings.

I also have wanted to check out Whitechapel, London and visit the sites that Jack the Ripper killed his victims.

I would take my parents because they haven't had a vacation for a long time.

Mona Risk said...

Emma Lai, I hope you realize your dream.

Estella, I hope you can take your Hawiian vacation soon.

Razlover's Book Blog, you are a good daughter. I have often taken my mother in vacation when she was healthy. She's still talking about her cruise in the Caribbean.


Me, I'd love to go to Italy. Why? I'm not sure. said...

A wish. I want to go to ireland. I would want to go with my family and friends. And I like the pictures.