Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do you believe in miracles?

I do and I believe harder now after my daughter’s accident.

It happened at eight in the morning on her way to work on Rt 95, a four-lane highway. She was on the second lane from the left. A truck dragging a trailer with sandbags drove on lane one on the extreme right.

He lost control of the trailer. The sandbags flew. The trailer twisted and overturned. The truck skidded at high speed, crossed over the next two lanes, spun, and hit her at full speed on the right front side. Her car spun in the lane on her right.

Thank God, she was in her husband's Jeep and not her little car. Thank God, he hit her on the passenger side. Thank God, there were no cars passing her on her left at that very second. And thank God she wasn't hurt although the car is totaled. She was very scared and unable to talk for five minutes. She just sat in the car in shock. She can't remember if she lost consciousness. She can't remember if she saw him coming.

Someone called 911. It's only when the police knocked on her door that she got out of her shock and called her husband. The truck driver was not hurt also. But the highway was blocked for two hours around the accident area because of the overturned trailer and sandbags.

Being a doctor herself, she managed to go to her hospital and work, but she stayed home the next day, hugging and kissing her children. Her back hurt badly and she still has to see a doctor. She told us late at night when she came home. She is still in shock and had nightmares for the last two nights. I am in shock.

But I do believe in miracles. Have you ever experienced real miracles?

Now to take my mind off the nightmare I play along with my friends.
I have been tagged by Kelly Kirch.

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My six quirks are:

1. I braid one strand of my hair on and off and undo it, while I think and type.
2. I snack on nuts, pistachios and pumpkin seeds. The cracking noise to open them relaxes me but annoys the hell out of my husband.
3. My birthday is January 19, my son’s January 17 and my husband January 21.
4. My eyes are different colors. One green and one hazel.
5. I am terrified of height. It took me years to be able to drive on a bridge. I always stay in the middle lane.
6. My dreams come true. My family and friends believe in them.

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Kenzie Michaels said...

My hubby had a miracle happen several years ago. He was working at an intersection when a gasoline truck took the turn too fast and tipped over. Hubby said he could see THE OTHER SIDE of the tanker when the driver regained control and drove off.

IF the tanker had tipped, there were six men who would have been trapped on their road machinery. And of that six, four had LIT CIGARETTES in their mouths. Hubby fully believes the hand of God reached down and set that tanker back on its wheels.

Yes, miracles happen.

Mona Risk said...
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Mona Risk said...

Kenzie, what a terrifying experience for your husband and the men working with him. I am glad he was safe.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Gosh, Mona. How terrifying for your daughter. I'm relieved she was unhurt, but I expect she will be shaken up for a while. I think little miracles happen every day and we often take them for granted.

Molly Daniels said...

Hahaha...didn't know I had a wild side, huh?

Hugs to your daughter. Miracles are all around us; we just have to look for them.