Monday, August 11, 2008


Are you watching the Olympics?

The opening ceremony was amazing. All the regalia, the perfect coordination, the show of historical and contemporary China. It was impressive. I can’t believe the amount of work and discipline necessary to produce that incredible result.

The little hero from the earthquake was adorable walking next to the tallest (7.6 ft) flag bearer.

Is it a proof that if we put a lot of work, a lot of effort, a lot of discipline we should garner successful results?

Is it a proof that if we don’t succeed, it’s maybe because we haven’t put enough effort?

Our TV is running non-stop while I work on my computer and my husband on his laptop. We watch from time to time and exchange comments. Of course, we followed carefully the tennis matches and applauded Federer. Tennis is as important as eating for my husband who complains I spend too much time sitting in front of my computer and no time at all exercising or walking. He gave up on my tennis long ago.

Americans won gold and silver for swimming. I am looking at the winners now as they stand straight listening to the Star Spangled Banner. Early in the afternoon I applauded the gymnastic show, my favorite part. Is watching gymnastic considered exercise?

Which part of the Olympics you like best?

What's your favorite exercise?

I was just talking above about hard work bringing reward. It’s true. Honestly. I just saw a review for my romantic suspense, French Peril.

Mona Risk
Cerridwen, 2008
ISBN: 97814419917189
Reviewed by Anne Boling for
4 Stars

Mystery and intrigue surrounds the excavation of an old chapel.
Mona Risk, author of French Peril, offers her fans another great read. In French Peril, she creates a swirling air of mystery around the excavation of a chapel ruin. Murder, mystery, and intrigue seem to follow Cheryl as she assists Fran├žois on his project. She finds his presence gives her a sense of security, but she also senses that he does not trust her expertise. Francois is attracted to the beautiful American and soon finds he is in love with her. Risk has a talent for character development. Cheryl is a multitalented, impetuous person. Fran├žois is harder to define. He is romantic, determined, and very protective. French Peril is a great contemporary romantic read.


Regina Carlysle said...

Excellent review, Mona, and YES, hard work does pay off as you've shown so wonderfully time and again. Congrats.

As to the Olympics, I'm enjoying it all, even the stuff I know ZERO about. The other day I watched archery and weighlifting. Amazing and surprisingly FUN. So far the Venus and Serena are doing great for the US in Tennis. And of course,I always cheer Roger and the gorgeous and talented Rafa Nadal.

Sandra Cox said...

This is a great read! The review was well earned.

Mona Risk said...

Thank you Regina and Sandra.

You know how it is. We write for our readers and can't wait to see if thet enjoy our books. Reviews and fans' letters are the essential food that sustains us and keep us writing.