Friday, December 5, 2008

Recommended Read

I am doing a happy dance here. Imagine I just posted about the places that inspired me to write FRENCH PERIL and I received a wonderful review.

In addition, FRENCH PERIL is this month's recommended read at Night Owl!

Here is what Reviewer Tammy said as she awarded it a SCORE: 4.25/5

Mona Risk will pull you in with her amazing characters and in-depth twisting suspense. She takes armchair travel to whole new heights as her characters travel to their heart wrenching and spine tingling doom.

Cheryl met Count François a couple of years ago when he was visiting her professor. She was extremely attracted to him, but knew he would see no appeal in her. She was the academic sort while he liked a different kind of girl. Now she is on her way to his French chateau. She’s a graduate student and almost has her Ph.D. in Architecture. She has done a lot of research on his château’s chapel and is taking the place of her professor. Her professor was mysteriously poisoned and requested that she take his laptop and go in his stead. When she arrives at the château she meets a whole host of other students and servants. The château’s chapel needs to be reconstructed and a possible missing and expensive statue found. The count says the statue might have never existed, but others think it’s worth killing for. Cheryl’s life is in danger as she has both the laptop and knowledge gained from research and from her professor. The amount of possible suspects is growing.

Two years ago François didn’t really notice Cheryl, but now things have changed. He can hardly keep his eyes off her and wants to keep her safe. With the help of secret passageways and a volatile agreement to work together they sniff out whom is behind the attempts on her life. François states that everyone is a suspect and must be watched. He takes things slow and takes in the whole picture, while Cheryl is a bit more of a stumble onto trouble and spontaneous person. As the treasure hunt and mystery progress François and Cheryl find that they have much in common and a love that will get them through troubled times.

Mona Risk’s characters will enthrall you as they all dance to their own personal tunes.

By the end you will finely know who is after Cheryl and how a French Count can sweep an American girl offer her feet. I’m looking forward to more armchair travels with Mona Risk. Travel has never been this suspenseful nor this cheap!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Congratulations!!!

Molly Daniels said...

Yay Mona:) Great review:)