Friday, December 19, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Two

On the second day of Christmas my true love said to me:

Let’s write our resolutions for next year.

No dear, I am not writing any resolutions this year.

I still have my last year list:

1- Gym: three times a week.

I went four times during the whole year.

But I had a good excuse. I was sick, really sick with one cold after another, complicated into bronchitis and then pneumonia.

Okay, first resolution was a fiasco.

2- Walk for half an hour every day. The weather is gorgeous in Florida.

Unfortunately, I was too tired to walk when I was sick. And when I finally recovered, I was still tired (I don’t know why) or too busy. Very busy, writing books, editing, revising,...

Second resolution was also a fiasco.

3- Sweet and desserts, only once a week. Eat fruits every day.

Oh well, when you are staying home with a cold, you need nourishing food such as chocolate, besides chocolate relaxes nervous people; in addition, puddings are excellent for sore throat and carbohydrates help you recover your strength.

Consequently, my third resolution was a fiasco too.

4- Lose five pounds.

How could I do that when I was sick? In fact, I put on a few pounds. More than a few. Ten to twelve pounds. I am so embarrassed I have lowered my voice to a whisper. I really don’t understand where these nasty pounds came from, but I don’t need glasses to see them on my hips, stomach, belly. And the scale doesn't lie.
Fourth resolution: absolute fiasco.

So what’s the use of writing resolutions?

This year I am acting my resolutions. Yes, acting, moving my butt and acting without taking the time to think and create an excuse for procrastination.

Action starts right away. Today.

I finished decorating my apartment.
No cooking or baking yet.
And no Chritmas cards written.


I am very pleased with myself because today I went to the gym. I am not sure if it will count for the year 2008 or the year 2009. I exercised for an hour and then forced myself to knock on the manager’s door, talk to her and ask if a personal trainer could help me stay motivated.

There is no way to back up now. Tomorrow I am meeting with my personal trainer and she will set a special training plan for me. And today, my true love was very proud of me.

I hope I can keep going to the gym. I hope nothing will interfere with my plan and smother my newly acquired willpower for exercising.

Yes, I am acting my resolutions.
Maybe if I repeat my new mantra several times a day, it will help.

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Beth Trissel said...

Hi Mona! I love love love your resolutions and post. Very witty. And congrats for making that appointment with a personal trainer. Way to go. I may have to do the same thing if I can't get myself better motivated. I've been sick a lot too this year.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Mona! I no longer write resolutions since I'm always breaking them. :)

My resolution: Resist the temptation of writing one.

That's one I can handle.

Mary Marvella said...

I like your resolutions and I can relate with you on the broken ones.

Being on a goals loop has made me do better at keeping some of my writing goals because we report each week, after stating our goals.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

I'm not one to make resolutions so have to agree with all of the good reasons not to, Mona. What a fun blog....