Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More about RT

We drove to Orlando on Tuesday and met Judith Rochelle as soon as we arrived. Judith was a well of information and already knew the hotel, program, and schedule while I vaguely read my printed pages of the agenda and paid the price later.

The Windham hotel was great, a vacation resort, with at least sixteen to seventeen two-story buildings, several pools and restaurants.

We really exercised going from our room to the main lobby and conference rooms.

On Tuesday night, my husband and I attended the Ellora’s Cave get together and I introduced him to everyone.
Hubby was in charge of taking pictures. Even the picture of his wife with a bunch of hunks. Or a Romance Model.

Wednesday started with breakfast and continued with workshops. Convinced that Ellora’s cave luncheon was on Thursday like last year, I missed it and was thoroughly upset at myself for not checking the agenda. In the afternoon, we attended the ebook fair. I signed book covers of French Peril and gave away a silver necklace and bracelet as prizes for two lucky winners from among the readers who bought my ebook. My husbands diligently distributed flyers and bookmarks.

A friend suggested a Greek restaurant for dinner. Seven of us went together and I insisted we should be back by 8:00 at the latest to ready for the Ellora’s Cave party and the authors’ presentation, that is, each author sauntering across the stage on the arm of a handsome, bare-chest hunk. Count on the traffic to help you being late and miss the best. We walked into the ballroom two minutes after the authors’ presentation. But we had so much fun dancing, it almost made up for my disappointment.

Thursday night was the big Fairy Ball. Watching the fairies parading was a huge fun. [Pictures will be posted tomorrow]

Friday night another party organized by NY bestseller author Heather Graham and Medallion publisher, Helen Rosberg. Another delicious dinner and more dancing followed a live sketch. [Pictures will be posted tomorrow.]

And at night the Dorchester party where readers were allowed to grab free books.

Booksigning on Saturday for printed books. Here is Kathy Kulig from Ellora's Cave.

and Rena Marks.

Did we do anything serious? Of course, attending workshops and panel discussion.

Promoting books.
Rewinding for more writing.
It was all very very serious
as these pictures attest.


Scarlet Pumpernickel said...

Wow! Mona looks like RT was a blast and a great success! I attended years ago when it was in Savannah, so I know what a blast it can be! Keep the pictures coming, it helps those of us who couldn't go enjoy the fun!


Mona Risk said...


We worked hard!!! Walked a lot!!! Talked too much, at least according to my DH. Pictures will keep coming for at least two more days.

Amber Skyze said...

Looks like fun was had by everyone at RT! Great pics.

Kenzie Michaels said...

Thanks for posting pics! I hope to go next year. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time:)

Mia Watts said...

Models must have been bouncing you on their knees as you are all blurry.

Which model is hugging you?

Mary Ricksen said...

How did I miss this. Keep them coming. Your poor good natured husband!

Nancy J. Cohen said...

It was great seeing you there, Mona. Nice photos!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Great photos Mona. I'm kicking myself for not bringing a camera to RT. Ugh! LOL.


Nightingale said...

Mona it was great meeting you in person at RT! Loved the Greek Taverna and the dance! :-)