Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prescription For Trust

Today I received some good news. PRESCRIPTION FOR TRUST will be released by The Wild Rose Press on December 4, 2009. The ebook will be soon followed by the paperback book.
PRESCRIPTION FOR TRUST is the first medical romance of the Doctor’s Order Series, stories of doctors who struggle to save patients but fail to protect their own hearts.

“Mona Risk’s PRESCRIPTION FOR TRUST is really a prescription for a steamy reunion romance with loads of mystery and a French doctor to die for. Ms. Risk is known for her talent of writing sexy foreign heroes and the angsty heroines they can’t live without. Luc and Olivia are perfect for each other and PRESCRIPTION FOR TRUST is just what the doctor ordered.”~Carla Capshaw, 2004 and 2007 Golden Heart winner, The Heart Beckons

“Another compelling novel by Mona Risk, PRESCRIPTION FOR TRUST is a page-turner packed with intrigue, romance and heart-twisting emotion!”~ Stacey Kayne, RT Reviewer’s Choice Nominee

“Olivia’s heart-wrenching experience as a mother who gives up love to protect her child and Luc’s relentless effort to save the woman he loves from endless guilt will captivate you from the first page to the satisfying conclusion. The wonderful characters and emotional situations make this book a keeper.”~Helen Scott-Taylor, The Magic Knot, Dorchester, 2008 Romantic Times winner

First Place in Central Ohio Ignite the Flame Contest
Second Place in Heart of Denver, The Molly Contest
Third Place in FTHRW Golden Gateway

So here is for the first time, a short synopsis and an excerpt of my new book.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” Walter Scott.

Successful physician and loving mother, Olivia Crane fiercely believes youthful mistakes should be kept secret and skeletons are better left in closets. Unfortunately, Dr. Luc George, the French psychiatrist, she loved ten years ago, detests secrets and has a professional tendency to dig into people’s minds.

Determined to rekindle their former relationship, Luc strolls back into her hospital and her life, tries to unravel her many secrets and threatens to shatter her carefully constructed world. Against her better judgment, Olivia succumbs to his charm and welcomes her second chance, but on her own terms. The past forgotten, no questions asked.

Can Luc help her conquer her inner fears or will he get burned by the past too? Will Olivia grab her second chance and finally find happiness with the love of her life?


“Don’t cry, please.” Luc waited for her to calm down. Olivia had braved a lot of problems on her own but collapsed at the mere mention of a threat to her daughter.

“I’m sorry.” She sniffled. “I hate to talk about that time in my life.”

“I understand.” He would have to be patient and tread carefully around her past secrets. Now that her daughter was grown up, Olivia had probably realized it was time to move on with her life, and she’d recommended him for the visiting professor position. What more could he ask for?
He cradled her face between his hands and smiled. “Feeling better?”

She nodded and returned his smile. He studied her features, the wetness of her lashes, the mauve shadows probably due to lack of sleep, and the dimple on her left cheek he used to tickle with the tip of his finger.

His eyes dropped to her luscious lips. Nothing cool or serene here. He watched them quiver as she followed the direction of his gaze. “Olivia, I will help you forget the past.”

He bent over her mouth for a quick peck, a soft comforting kiss. His lips fluttered against hers in a gentle caress, then paused. He couldn’t draw back. Not now when he was at the gate of paradise. With the slightest pressure, he pulled her closer. Uncontrollable need built inside him.
She, too, seemed to be waiting. He nibbled at the corner of her mouth and tried to ignore the way blood pulsed in his groin. “Ma chérie.”

She closed her eyes and leaned into him.

He trailed kisses along her cheek to her forehead. “How I missed you.” His chest burned, and his lungs filled with her perfume and the scent of her skin.

“Oh Luc.” She raised her head and took a deep breath. The luminescent aqua of her eyes held him enthralled but he wouldn’t rush her and risk losing her when he’d just found her again. Whispering French endearments against her hair, he waited for a hint of an invitation.

Years of frustrating loneliness flipped through his mind as he mentally urged her to come to him, to relax in his arms. She clasped her fingers around his nape and he instantly claimed her mouth in a searing kiss, the kiss he’d given her a thousand times in his fantasies. Parting her lips, his tongue explored and played and tasted as he molded her lithe form against him.

How he wanted her. She moaned and clung to his neck, returning his kiss with the same passion that had set him on fire in the past. He was home now, with Olivia in his arms. There was hope for them.

His lips glided along her cheek, and he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I am so glad you invited me. I will protect you and Melissa. Everything will be fine. I will help you get rid of your fears. I promise.”

Things would work out, and in time they would inform Melissa of the truth about her father.
For a crazy moment, Olivia tried to believe him, to imagine she could spend the rest of her life in his arms and make up for the time wasted away from him for her daughter’s sake. He still wanted her, in spite of the beautiful women who had hung on his arm and probably graced his bed.

Ten years ago, her heart bleeding with concealed love, she’d let him believe she’d never cared enough about him to give up a promising career at UC and follow him to Paris.

If it wasn’t for Melissa, she’d have followed him to the end of the earth.

Now Melissa was sixteen, soon to have her own life. Olivia touched her swollen lips, hesitating.

Kiss him. You’ll talk later.

But she wouldn’t lie now. No matter what it cost, she couldn’t let him build dreams based on a lie.

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Mary Ricksen said...

Every book you write gets better and better. You have made it to the top as far as I am concerned.
The best of luck with your new book series. I can't wait to read every one of them.

Molly Daniels said...

Oooh this sounds good! Going on my TBB list right now:)

Regina Carlysle said...

This sounds just wonderful, Mona. So happy for your success. Keep it UP!!! No pressure, right? LOL