Saturday, May 30, 2009


My sister surprised us by coming to spend a week. Mom was so delighted to see her she stopped dozing. I explained to my sister how to prepare the pureed food, how to feed Mom every two hours small quantities. I was able to leave them together and not worry about Mom.

I spent a few hours on my computer answering emails and checking blogs. Then my husband insisted we go out to have a drink in a bar and eat dinner. It was good to stop worrying for a few hours while away. But tomorrow I am going to spend sometime with Mom, even if I don't have to. Every hour is precious time.

I am choosing some wonderful books to send as prizes for the lucky winners of my upcoming contests but I just realized I had no idea how to start a newsletter and how to have people sign up. I will have to look into it tomorrow.


Molly Daniels said...

How wonderful! I realized the other day I'd forgotten to tell you, 'Don't forget to take a break and have some YOU time.'

So glad your sister was able to provide that (probably much-needed) break!


I may have to do the yahoo newsletter too...everytime I try to copy and paste my WORD doc to the email, it shuts down my internet! That's why everyone got two or three emails from me this past month. Now my fear is that no one will join! Tell you what: If we figure it out, I'll join yours and you join mine, and that way we'll each have a reader, lol???

Mona Risk said...

Hey Molly, thank you for the encouragement. My sister is replacing me for the chores at my mother's place, but I can't stay away long because every moment spent with my mother is so precious now.

I think we (Hubby and me) had finally figured out how to post that Join box. You have to subscribe to a mail company. I will give you names if you want.

Now don't you worry about readers joining. You can count me in, so that's one at least.

Mary Marvella said...

I'm glad you have help for however long. Time with your adorable husband is important, too.