Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quebec: a quaint old city

The pictures posted here are all from Quebec City. Would you like to take an armchair trip to Quebec with me? Relax and enjoy.

I just came back from a week vacation in Canada. We flew to Montreal, spent a night there at my cousin's, drove to Trois Rivières, a little French Canadian town, where we tasted delicious Napoleons--mille-feuilles in French-- and drank Cappuccino to warm up, before getting dressed to attend the wedding of my husband's best friend's son.

We ran to the cathedral, across the street from the hotel, under pouring rain. The reception was a lot of fun and we danced till two a.m.

The next day we drove for two hours to the former capital of Canada, the lovely old city of Quebec. For two days we walked through parcs, lingered in historical streets, negotiated steps and bought a few souvenirs.

Quebec is the only city in the American continent that still has a city wall or part of a wall remaining.

The statue of Champlain who discovered Canada dominates the main place of the old city, facing the St. Laurent river.

We had brunch in the rotating restorant of our hotel and enjoyed a magnificent view of the city and river.

The Cathedral reminded me of the Ghotic cathedrals of France and Germany with a lot of columns, elaborate paintings and golden statues.

Here is the most famous chateau of Quebec seen from close. It's decorated with bronze statues in alcoves framing the windows.

This gorgeous fountain was offered by France to the city of Quebec. It's located in front of the Chateau.

Notice the Indian sculpture called INUKSUK, which means Indian/Canadian. They used to build a human statue with a series of stones.

The inscription is written in English and Inuksuk writing.

We rode a fenicular to go down to the lower part of Quebec City near the St. Laurent banks.
After strolling for another hour, we climbed ten stories of steps to reach the top of a hill and walked to a cafe. My friend claimed it to be the most famous ice cream place in Canada. I was so out of breath I kept wondering if the ice cream was worth my effort. Believe me it was!!!

My friend eating the most scrumptious ice cream dipped in chocolate at the Cafe European, across the River.

Sunset on the River.

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Molly Daniels said...

Wonderful pics, Mona! I've only been to Ottowa and Vancouver. It's nice to see Canadian cities. I'll have to get my sis to send me some of Pangnirtung and Hall Beach, so I can show you what life at the Arctic was like for her.

StephB said...

How exciting, Mona! I loved your pictures and your descriptions. I felt like I was a fly in your lugguage to Canada. Hehe. I'm looking forward to you setting one of your stories in Quebec, now!


Jane said...

Wow, it's a beautiful city. I'm guessing the food was awesome.

traveler said...

Lovely photos. Did you stay at the Chateau Frontenac? I was born in Montreal and lived there for 30 years so I have seen Quebec City, and the entire area. It is filled with history and beauty. Old Montreal and a great place for walking and Mount Royal.

silvermage2000 said...

Its great that you had a good time on your trips. I do think the pictures are beautiful to. And the descriptions are nice to.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Molly, both Ottawa and Vancouver are gorgeous, but Quebec has a unique charm. I hope you will the chance to go to Cnada soon.

Mona Risk said...

You know Steph, when I visit a new city now-a-day I keep the camera in my hands and think about what pictures would go nicely on my blog. Really I take the pictures for you as much as for me. But I can't set a story in Quebec. I don't feel I know the place and culture well enough to write about it.

Mona Risk said...

Jane, the food was incredibly good. I had veal medalions in a French restaurant and a white pizza with goat cheese, artichoks, olives, mushrooms in a Italian restaurant, the best I ever tasted. I will save you the details of my ice cream dipped in chocolate. Oh my God, so yummy, it was worth climbing the hundred-something steps to reach the place.

Mona Risk said...

Traveler, thank you for reminding me of the Chateau's name: Frontenac. I didn't stay there but I took a lot of pictures of the chateau. I think I have one in my post. We stayed at Lewis Concorde. It's a new hotel. We had a room on the twentieth floor with a gorgeous view.

Mona Risk said...

Silvermage I am glad you enjoyed the pictures.