Friday, October 23, 2009

Out on Vacation

I am leaving tomorrow morning for a vacation in Greece. My great-grandparents came from Salonica. I have been to Greece three times but never to Salonica. I am not even sure we will have time to stop there.

Salonica (officially ThessalonĂ­ki), Greece's second largest city and capital of Greek Macedonia, lies at the head of the Thermaic Gulf (Gulf of Salonica), the most northwesterly gulf in the Aegean.

In 1430 the town was captured by Sultan Murad II, and it remained Turkish for almost 500 years, until 1912, under the name of Selanik. The Turks expelled many of the Greek inhabitants and turned most of the churches into mosques. It was finally liberated in 1912. Some of the town's many Christian churches were converted into mosques and later were used by the Jews as synagogues. As the power of the Ottoman Empire declined Turkish rule in the Balkans, and particularly in Macedonia, grew steadily harsher, and the inhabitants of Salonica, suffering ever greater hardship and privation, several times rose in revolt.

I plan to take a lot of pictures and carefully report all I see.

As I mentioned in my last email, I have been extremely busy, babysitting my grandchildren but also creating a newsletter I hope to send as soon as I come back.

My new book, Rx for Trust, is part of a three-book series, Doctor's Order. It will be released by The Wild Rose Press on December 4, 2009. The second is Rx in Russian, and third is Rx in French.

See you on November 8 or earlier if I can manage to connect to the Internet while abroad.
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Mary Ricksen said...

Love you Mona!

Sandra Cox said...

Wow, how cool. Enjoy, Mona.

Jane said...

Have a great time, Mona.