Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions OR Goals

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success. Stephen Brennan

According to psychologists:
Resolutions are changes that we desire to make. Unfortunately we drop them or forget them when we lack commitment, drive or motivation. Often time if we don't achieve the end result quick enough, we lose interest and go back to our old way.

Resolutions require not only taking action but sticking to the course no matter how tired or discouraged we become.

Remember it takes 21 consecutive days to break a bad habit and often several months to change a behavior.

A goal is an explicit commitment. It focuses our attention on a target and helps us find ways of getting there. When we commit to a goal, we are demonstrating faith in ourselves and our ability to achieve a future we have envisioned.

According to statistics:
The most popular goals are: losing weight, exercising, saving money, changing jobs, going back to school, quitting smoking, reducing stress, spending more time with the family, volunteering.

Resolutions and goals should be specific, realistic, and clear. Write them on a card and keep it next to your computer. Read them daily to check yourself.

Here are my resolutions and goals.
1- Eat vegetable and proteins, avoid sweet--------- to lose 10 lbs
2- Walk 2 to 5 miles three times a week----------- to stay healthy and active
3- Write 500-1000 words a day or edit 2 to 3 chapters ------ to finish and polish the three books I started and abandoned.
4- Submit the manuscript--------to be published.
Did you write your resolutions and goals?

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Celia Yeary said...

Ok, so I don't like resolutions OR goals. Neither one suit me at all. I couldn't carry any of those to fruition. I guess I live as I write--by the seat of my pants. But I learned from reading this post. Thanks, Mona!

Sandra Cox said...

Good goals and resolutions, Mona!

StephB said...

Mona, Awesome goals and very down to Earth and attainable.

I don't like making resolutions just for that reason - I always fall short. I much prefer goals. At least for my mental health - I feel like I can attain them.


Mona Risk said...

I already put my resolutions in practice. Hope it lasts!!!

P.L. Parker said...

My goal is to finish the current book I am working on, get the edits to my editors on the two new novels I have coming out and keep my sanity through all this. :) I very seldom make New Year's Resolutions as I've found over the years, I can't seem to make them work.