Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

Like millions of people, yesterday I spent my day in England. Glued to the TV, I followed the crowd to the wedding of bonny Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton.

I woke up at 5:00 am and settled on my sofa with a cup of coffee. Did you notice how they decorated Westminster Abbey with little trees that gave an outdoor feeling to the somber church?

The entrance of the children with Pippa Middleton deserves a Best Picture of the year and Pippa herself was stunning from front and back.

Now the bride stole the show as it should. My mother was a fashion designer and I consider myself a self-proclaimed expert in fashion. The bridal gown was exactly what I expected Kate to wear, simple but so elegant, the lace of the top lending a touch of endearing old-fashioned to the perfect bell-shape line of the skirt. I loved her hair down and flying with the veil when she turned to smile at the crowd.

It was funny to see Harry turn around to peek a look at the bride and whisper something to his brother, probably: “Lucky bastard, she’s gorgeous.” William stoically avoided to turn his head but then smiled to his ears when she reached his side.

I was hoping the groom would forget to be a stuffy prince and kiss his bride right after the vows, but the Archbishop never gave permission and the regal grandma wouldn’t have approved a display of bad manners, American style, right in her church. So the newlyweds acted properly and curtseyed to the queen after signing their wedding contract. With the crowd I clapped hands and waved as they passed in their carriage.

As a multipublished romance writer, I know a thing or two about happy ending and I can assure you, their smiles revealed genuine happiness. When they appear on the balcony to greet the crowd, Kate couldn’t hold a: “WOW” We all read her lips. Notice he gave her a quick peck on the balcony, then decided what the heck, and gave her a second longer kiss. Way to go, Your Highness.

Wishing them a long happy life together.

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Cherie Le Clare said...

I agree with you, Mona. The whole ceremony was fabulous, a "right royal occasion" as we say here in New Zealand about anything special. The Brits do pomp and ceremony so well. And the music in the abbey was spine-tingling. I've been into Westminster Abbey and it is an amazing building. I imagine Diana's spirit was there smiling at her son, as it was also the place where they held her funeral service.
The white for bridesmaid was unusual - Pippa looked beautiful in it. The uniforms were wonderful.
Aah, lovely (sigh).

Mona Risk said...

Hi Cherie, I felt I was watching a beautiful show with such a happy ending. My granddaughter is five and in preschool. They showed them the wedding. She told her Mom: "After the prince and princess married they went in Cinderella carriage. And the queen wore a yellow dress. And the children were well-behaved." These are the details that stayed with her.