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***** Review for Rx IN RUSSIAN

Fyodor is the perfect prescription for Jillian!, April 30, 2011
By Steph "Author of "The Giving Meadow"" (California) - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Prescription in Russian (Kindle Edition)

Dr. Jillian Burton is a dedicated pediatrician sent on assignment to Belarus. Jillian is calm under pressure and used to working in third world conditions. She finds there's much to be done in Belarus, but she's never been attracted to a man like she is to Dr. Fyodor Vassilov, the director of the Minsk Solitary Hospital. Can Jillian finally find a family and love in Fyodor's arms?

Set in Minsk, Belarus, Jillian Burton works for the American Health Delegation. Her assignment is to help modernize the Solidarity Hospital, but she doesn't expect the director to be so charming or attractive.

On her first day, Jillian helps Fyodor deliver a baby. They learn the young mother is destitute and her family has disowned her. To Jillian's shock, the mother leaves a note giving Jillian custody of the baby.

Fyodor offers to help Jillian care for the child until she can arrange for an adoption. Jillian soon learns Fyodor is a widower with four sons. While Jillian loves working with children, she doubts herself when it comes to motherhood. And that's the crux of her problem. The chemistry between her and Fyodor is combustible, but Fyodor also comes with four children. As Jillian assignment comes to its end, she has to confront her demons and make some tough choices. Will Jillian choose Fyodor or run away to her next assignment?

Risk does a wonderful job establishing the setting by sharing the customs, food, and climate of Belarus with the reader. Her rich details bring a wonderful authenticity to the story.

Risk's writing is crisp and easy to read, engaging the reader on the first page.

What makes "Prescription in Russian" shine is the rich characterization. Fyodor is handsome, honest, and noble. He knows what he wants - and he wants Jillian, only he has to confront the ghost of his dead wife in order to open up his heart to love again.

Jillian is dedicated with a soft spot for children, but she's forever tortured by a dark secret that has hardened her heart toward love and motherhood. In order to give Fyodor her love, she has to find a way to let the ghosts of her past go.

The supporting cast is wonderful and so deliciously human. I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen to Lisa and Bashir.

The story is sophisticated for romance readers and the love scene is tasteful, evoking a rich, sensual chemistry that Jillian and Fyodor share.

"Prescription in Russian" is a lush, international contemporary romance you can't put down.

Thank you Steph for this wonderful review. I am so glad you enjoyed my book.

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