Friday, May 6, 2011

Facebook Messages from Fans

About Prescription in Russian:
Mona, I just wanted to let you know I finished reading Prescription in Russian after I saw the review you posted from the woman who stayed up all night to read it. I can certainly see why she did! I, too, stayed up very late reading it. You handled the delicate issue of losing a child so beautifully and realistically. And I adored Fyodor's family. Such a poignant and intelligent romance with strong characters set against an incredible backdrop. I really enjoyed it!~Alyson Reuben

~Oh boy!!!! I started Rx in Russian last night around 10pm and didn’t go to bed until 4am. Woke up at 7am took my kids to school and finished the book. I love medical romances. Maybe because I'm in medical field myself? Anyways my theory is: if the book keeps you awake at night, there are no words to describe how good it is. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you Mona, but I was hoping to read an epilogue maybe 5 years or so later, but still the book was lovely and I enjoyed every sentence of it.~

Usually when I like a book it’s from the first sentence, and so far Mona, your books and some other author’s books hooked me like a fish on a hook. Your books are like drugs. Now I know what an addiction is. :)~Ashley Eskidjian on Facebook

Blurb for Rx IN RUSSIAN:
An American Pediatrician / A Russian Surgeon
A woman who lost a son and frantically avoids marriage and family
A man with four adorable sons who badly need a mother
Can attraction and love overcome guilt, duty, and a clash of cultures?

If you like to travel and love to read, come and enjoy my international romances. I will take you around the world through stories that simmer with emotion and sizzle with passion.
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Molly Daniels said...

See there? And you were worried...;)

Can't wait to read this!

Mona Risk said...

Hi Molly,

And i can't wait to post your review. LOL Thank you for stopping by.

StephB said...

Very deserving. Victoria Holt once said for her it is better to be read than reviewed. You are read. Your stories are full of vibrant characters and wonderful settings. Thumbs up, Sweetie.