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To Celebrate the Fourth of July I will give a free copy of this book to a lucky commentator.
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing Cover Price: $5.24

Last year, I had the unique opportunity of traveling to Egypt, cruising the Nile River and touring the monuments of Ancient Egypt. 

After immersing myself in the pharaonic civilization, I brought back hundreds of pictures and brochures about Egyptian gods, and even a map of Ancient Egypt to help in my research. 
The Island of Philae, picture taken from a boat on the Nile River

The Temple of Isis, in the Island of Philae, where part of my story is set.

Osiris’ Missing Part, my first paranormal romance, is set in mythological Egypt.

Colossus of Memnon
 This book is dedicated to the many friends, readers and fans who love Ancient Egypt, a fabulous civilization, shrouded in mystery, glamour and mysticism.

Temple of Queen Hatchepsut built in the calcairous rock of the mountain.
According to the legend, the evil Egyptian god of storm, Seth, killed his brother Osiris, chopped him into fourteen pieces and flung them all over Egypt. Isis, goddess of family, reassembled thirteen of his body parts. Since she couldn’t find his supernatural male member where his godly power was stored, she reattached a human one.

Isis, goddess of family and health
   Isis has always loved Osiris, the charming god of labor every woman adores. While dreaming of marriage, family and a son, she helps him fight Seth. Together they struggle to survive iniquities and perils.
  His trip to the Afterlife has changed Osiris. He’s attracted to Isis and regrets his past womanizing. Guided by oracles she utters when they make love, they search lands and seas until they find his missing organ and he recovers his godly attributes. Osiris has fallen in love with Isis but the sins of his past and their unexpected consequences threaten to separate them more painfully than Seth’s mayhem and curses.

Chapter One
Ancient Egypt, at the dawn of time.

A stone sarcophagus
 Isis, goddess of health and family, bent over the gilded sarcophagus and laid her cheek upon the lifeless face. “Osiris, my love.” Grief raked her and soft sobs escaped her lips as she stroked his chest with tender caresses.
After a moment of desolation, she exhaled at the futility of her moaning. Desperate words and kisses had never revived a dead body, especially one cut into several pieces. Determined to bring him back to life, she swallowed her wailing and stiffened her back. Adjusting his severed parts close to each other, she pressed them tightly together and sealed the junctions with her tears.

  With the greatest care, she pressed her key of life to Osiris’ forehead, swept it over his chest and belly, and tapped his groin a few times while she recited a litany of prayers from the Book of the Dead. “Osiris, god of knowledge and work, I command you, leave the Afterlife.”
  The body squirmed against the walls confining him. Clutching her key of life with all her strength, she brushed his lips with a cautious kiss and blew her godly vigor into his mouth. His chest rose and fell.
  Joy exploded in Isis’ heart. “Almighty Osiris, you’re alive. Finally.” Her voice resonated like a triumphant hymn.

His eyelids fluttered and he squinted. “Isis,” he muttered in a guttural voice she hardly recognized. “Where…what…?”

The Nile River bank
 Dropping to her knees in the mud and the dewy grass on the bank of the Nile River, Isis watched him anxiously as he patted his neck and torso. His hand skated to his belly, skimmed down to the junction of his thighs and lingered over his shaft. Shock and fear twitched his face. He yanked back his fingers and heaved up his head for a better look at his groin.

“By my ankh-specter and its tau, this isn’t… Where is my…my…?” Osiris’ loud interjection ended in a groan that gnawed at Isis’ heart. It hadn’t taken him long to notice the unfamiliar member. Panic filled his eyes at the absence of his most prized organ and his gaze flitted from his crotch to her face.

Osiris wearing his Atef crown
and holding his key of life

A sigh escaped Isis’ quivering lips. Unable to detach her gaze from the area that should have harbored his fabulous shaft and now displayed a human penis, void of supernatural power, she debated how to reveal the tragedy.

“You’re alive and awake.” To reassure him, she caressed his chest with her open palm and leaned forward to rain kisses over his taut flesh. “Still more handsome than any desert knight, my lord. A generous king of the earth that Egyptians revere.”

Her loving gesture elicited another growl of frustration. With a disgusted grunt, Osiris grabbed her hand and lowered it between his thighs. “This is not my glorious member, my pride. Isis, my godly power is missing. What happened?” His voice curt, his tone impatient, Almighty Osiris scrambled to a sitting position in the wooden coffin. “Where is my own penis?” His thunderous voice echoed across the clouded skies. “Answer me, woman.”

OSIRIS' MISSING PART available at Ellora's Cave Blush.
A paranormal fantasy set in Egyptian Mythology. Feel the humor and emotion, share the action and suspense, as you explore Ancient Egypt from the Valley of the Nile to the Red Sea shore and beyond.


Sarah Grimm said...

Gorgeous cover, Mona! And a trip to Egypt? That would be incredible!

Mona Risk said...

Thank you for stopping by Sarah.

Lilly Gayle said...

As always, you pictures are gorgeous and your post is entertaining. Oh, and what a great cover!

Vonnie Davis said...

Love the cover and studied every detail of the pictures. I doubt I'll ever get to this corner of the world. Beautiful!!

Cherie Le Clare said...

I have a friend who named one of her daughters Isis. Egypt is a fascinating setting for a novel, it's full of ancient mystery.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Lilly, I am so glad you enjoy the post and the beautiful pictures that inspired my story

Mona Risk said...

Hi Vonnie, i'll take you to that part of the world through my book. I went through an incredible amount of research, in addition to a cruise along the Nile River, to get all the accurate details.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Cherie, so far I know of three persons called Isis. Some pronounce it Ey-sis, other say, EE-sis. Whatever.

Paula Martin said...

Your photos brought back wonderful memories of the Nile Cruise I did last October (when we visited the same places as you did).
I was 'inspired' too, but in my case to set a contemporary romance in Egypt where the heroine's a tour ship guide, and the hero's an archaeologist in the Valley of the Kings. "A Nile Romance" is almost ready for submission!

Mona Risk said...

Hi Paula, I would be very interested to read your book. Are both protagonists Egyptian or is the hero foreigner?

Karen Cote said...

What a journey doing all this must have taken you on, not just the physical one but my oh my wouldn't I love to go to the places you've travelled. The pictures are magnificent! I realize your experiences can be found on paper but I'd truly love to sit down with you over coffee and hear about them.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Mona Risk said...

Karen, let me know when you come to Florida on vacation. I'd love to meet you and talk about other 'places'.

DeAnn said...

I loved your pictures.
I plan to visit often just to look at them.

Mona Risk said...

Your are always welcomed, DeAnn. Your enthusiasm encourages me to keep blogging about foreign places I like. I hope you can follow my blog.