Saturday, October 29, 2011

My first snow in three years

Today is October 29. Imagine that it snowed in VA.

Maybe for you who live in the North it's a bit unusual, but for me who flew last night to VA,  from Florida, from an 80 degree weather in Fort Lauderdale, it''s simply unbearable. I've been freezing for the last twenty-four hours. My daughter has heating in her house, but the sight of the beautiful flakes flying outside somehow makes me shiver. Beautiful, but chilling.

Inside the house, there are gorgeous Halloween decorations everywhere. Black bats on the windows, Scarecrows on the deck. Skeletons and pumpkins in the front yard.

Today I helped two little girls, seven and five, carve a huge pumpkin. I think we did a good job. I cleaned the inside of the fruit, separated the seeds from the pulp. I washed the seeds and roasted them in the oven. I have been munching on these seeds all day, and teaching the girls how to crack the pumpkin seeds and eat the inside of the seed only. I've tried to make a pie with the pulp but failed miserably. No one liked my concoction, even with cinnamon and sugar.

After lunch, my oldest granddaughter wanted to go out and buy white cobweb to spread over the bushes. No way was I going to drive under the snow. I stopped ten years ago when I moved to FL. but my son-in-law, good daddy that he is, drove us. The girls bought all what they wanted. We celebrated his birthday with an ice cream cake, and now he and my daughter are out for dinner.

Tonight I'm babysitting. While I'm finally checking emails and blogs, the girls went through the Halloween candies to be distributed to the neighborhood kids. Tomorrow I'll replace them.
It was a lovely pre-Halloween day.

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Mary Ricksen said...

And you didn't have a single candy right Mona? LOL
I love snow! How did you ever survive Belarus?

Nancy said...

I hope you had a good time carving those pumpkins. Great blog.

Molly Daniels said...

I remember a snowy Halloween when my older two were very young....thankfully the weather has cooperated in recent years and been quite nice for trick-or-treating:)

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LK Hunsaker said...

Ah Mona, your Halloween visit sounds like it was wonderful, even with snow. And didn't that make you glad to be back in 80 degrees? ;-)

liana laverentz said...

I'm a little late to the party, as usual, but it's snowing here today, too...and it hasn't been three years since I saw snow! Stay safe and warm!

Oh, and we didn't have a single trick or treater this year.