Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heading to RWA National Conference

I have been missing in action for a whole week fighting a cold with all my might. After too many sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and other nasty sickies, I am not taking chances. I ran to my doctor who prescribed antibiotics, the tenth antibiotics for this year. Meanwhile I was also babysitting my two adorable granddaughters, age 4 and 2. Their mommy has a severe back problem and can’t carry toddlers when needed. So, they came to grandma for special care and an extra dose of TLC. I was left with two days to prepare for the RWA National Conference in San Francisco.

What to pack? Certainly not my usual Floridian summer clothes when the weather forecast talks about a range of 50 -70. Twins, pants a good heavy jacket, comfortable shoes to run from one conference room to another, and of course a formal dress for the Golden Heart and Rita award. That proved to be a problem in my case since I unconsciously, yes unconsciously, put ten pounds in the last two months and couldn’t fit in my two formal dresses. So, I worked very hard yesterday to add beads and sequins to a short dinner dress and convert it into formal. I took it for a second opinion to my mother, a former fashion designer. She declared it lovely and I was able to relax.

I am almost packed. My husband checked that I had the most important items according to him: my boarding pass, money, and business cards. I added my list of cell phone numbers to reach friends. I am not taking a laptop. It’s too heavy to carry in addition to my purse and carryon. I am not checking luggage since I have a very short time in Atlanta to catch up my connection and will have to run. Any checked luggage would miss the connection.

Leaving at 6:00 am tomorrow morning, I need to sleep relatively early. Soon, I will go on Special Notice on all my loops.

I hope I will have a lot of stories and pictures and will post a full report on my blog when I come back. Until then, be good my friends.