Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hurricane Season

Here is the Erotica Museum website as promised:
Address: 1205 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL. 33139
Phone: 305-532-9336 Fax: 305-695-1209

Now you can plan your next visit to Florida and include a fun visit to the only Erotica Museum in USA.

Meanwhile here in Florida we are facing our yearly hurricane season. For the last month, we had typical summer weather.

It is hot, sunny or hazy in the morning. Sometimes we are lucky to enjoy a slight breeze. Around noon the wind picks up, the clouds threaten, the surf heightens. Before you know it, you are drenched with pouring rain while lightning and thunder compete in the darkened sky.

When I am home at my desk, typing on my computer, I can immediately see the change as the rain pellets against the window and my office turns dark. It is time to switch on the light and switch off the computer.

After facing this warning on a daily base, one can’t help worrying about hurricanes, especially when we are still recovering from the mess caused by Hurricane Wilma.

Writers from FRW are exchanging advice on how to protect their precious files. Some use an online 'storage' like Yahoo briefcase. Others send an out-of-state family member a disk/flash drive with their current work in process. Many email themselves with their own files as attachment.

In my household, my husband has networked my computer, his laptop and an external back-up hard disc, a small box that is easy to carry if we have to evacuate. Still, I prefer to save my own files on a flash drive every night.

While we hope that Mother Nature will spare us this year and Wilma will remain a memory, how do you protect your work during hurricane season in the South, tornadoes in the Midwest (I faced a memorable tornado ten years ago in Cincinnati) or blizzard and disaster time if you live in the North?


Savanna Kougar said...

Thank you, Mona

One thing I haven't experienced, a hurricane. And that's okay with me!

Molly Daniels said...

We've been blessed that severe weather damage has missed us repeatedly. No tornados, no flooding. I was concerned about the floods in my old town, especially in my storage unit. But one phone call reassured me my Christmas decorations are safe, as is the rest of my book collection!

My grandparents used to live in St. Pete, and the year they had to evacuate, the water only came up to their patio fence, even though they lived four patios from the bay.

Regina Carlysle said...

We lived through Hurrican Alicia (in Houston) years ago and they are nothing to sneeze at. A scary force of nature.

I'm like you, Mona. I use those little flash drives. It has EVERYTHING on it and I like the idea that I can put it on my keychain and run out of the house with it if need be.

Kelly Kirch said...

Yikes! Stay dry.

Sandra Cox said...

Usually no hurricanes this far in. Whew.