Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flu, Virus, Cold, etc

I'm too sick and too tired to blog. I will just whine about the virus that fell in love with me two months ago and keeps harassing me. I am on my fifth antibiotic. Each one cures a specific ailment but causes a new problem. What finally relieved my cough was my aunt's old remedy. Boil flax seeds until it foams, drain the seed and drink the heavy syrup. It took one day to get rid of a month-old cough. When I reported that to my doctor, she wrote it on a piece of paper and slipped it in her pocket, saying she loved natural remedies. Then the nurse called me to the next examination room to explain to another patient where to buy the flax seeds and how to prepare the syrup.

I had three X-rays done. The first one showed a touch of pneumonia. The second one showed the pneumonia was gone, but there was a nodule, and I needed a third X-rays for confirmation. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep until I got the results of the third X-ray. What looked like a nodule in the second X-rays turned out to be a blood vessel in the third. Couldn't the radiologist check better and spare me two sleepless nights?

If I didn't have my computer, the Internet and the friends on my loops, I would have needed a psychiatrist. Thanks for entertaining me while I'm locked at home.

Don’t believe everything a doctor says. Discuss and ask questions.


Anny Cook said...

My daughter thought she had the flu. Then they thought she had allergies. Then they thought she had a sinus infection. Blood work? Some off the wall parasitic disease called babesiosis... antibiotics? four sets... did nothing. Ack!!!!

Feel better.

Mona Risk said...

Good God, Anny. Thank you. I'll have to talk to my doctor again, or better I'll book an appointment with a specialist.

Molly Daniels said...

Hope you feel better sweetie:) I know how miserable everyone has been this winter.

Amarinda Jones said...

Chocolate and whisky - if it doesn't cure you then you'll be too mellow to care

Mona Risk said...

Boy I love your remedy, AJ. In Belarus, they gave me six shot glasses of vodka, pure vodka. I slept like a rock and felt great the next day, except for a pounding headache,

Helen Scott Taylor said...


Sorry you're having such a miserable time with the virus and chest problems and can't shake it off. Hope you're better in time for Pittsburgh.