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Here are great reviews for some Ellora's Cave and Cerridwen Press multipublished authors:

Boji Stones by Sandra Cox 5 angels

In Boji Stones, I really liked the feistiness of Maureen’s character; she fights for what she believes in. She is intelligent, caring, and tough… Jack’s character is strong and loyal. I enjoyed the battle between these two strong-willed characters as they try to survive the bad guy and decide what to do about their attractions to one another. Also during this story, another amulet owner appears for a while and I’d love to read her tale next. I highly recommend Boji Stones and hope that this story is just the beginning. Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Underdead by Liz Jasper 5 angels

I really enjoyed Underdead by Liz Jasper; it is a lighthearted, funny and very entertaining vampire story…..If you are looking for a humorous vampire tale, you’ll enjoy Underdead. I hope Ms. Jasper has more books planned to continue with the lives of the characters of Jo, Will, Gavin and their friends. I would really like to read about them again in another tale. I think Underdead would be a great start for a new funny vampire series!Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

Playing to Win by Shelley Munro 5 angels

Shelley Munro has done a wonderful job of mixing up the emotions in this scene…. Ms. Munro weaves the different emotions and situations with ease and before you know it you’re at the end of the book. Besides being emotionally deep, Playing to Win builds to a suspenseful moment that left me breathless. All the secondary characters add depth, and Ms. Munro brings them to life brilliantly. If you’re after a book that engages on all levels, you can’t go past Playing to Win by Shelley Munro. Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Mad About Mirabelle by Amarinda Jones 4 angels

Mad About Mirabelle is a delightful yet suspenseful story. The relationship between Flynn and Mirabelle keeps the reader hanging on every word wondering what will happen next... The strange happenings have both of them trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. The chemistry between them is amazing, the sex is sizzling, and the mystery keeps the reader on the edge. Ms. Jones has done a very nice job, and I can't wait to read more by this talented author.Reviewed by: Dawnie

Master Me by Brynn Paulin 5 angels

Master Me is a scintillating story of lust, romance and kink. Max is extremely alpha male and oh so hot. His strong personality and confidence make him the thing of erotic dreams. Ana gives the initial impression of being flighty and not sure what she wants. The sexual tension with Max adds a spicy element to her character and I was pleased with the direction she went. Ms. Paulin has done a great job of bringing to life edgy characters and delicious sex. Reviewed by: Dawnie

All Chained Up by Brynn Paulin 4 angels

The attraction between Theo and Keera is explosive and very believable. Their sex is so hot that I’m surprised my computer didn’t go up in smoke while reading it. And talk about erotic….all I can say is, I’ll never look at ginger quite the same way again. If you’re looking for a fast paced erotic read, you’ll enjoy this hot little number.Reviewed by: Karen N.

Chrysanthemum by Anny Cook 4 angels

Anny Cook has put an exciting twist to the story of King Arthur and his Knights…. Chrysanthemum is nothing like the Camelot you have come to know.... The love scenes between all the couples are hot and steamy. Anny Cook has done a great job with her version of this tale, and I would love to read more about this fascinating world that Anny Cook has created. Reviewed by: Ashley

Ronan’s Grail by Bronwyn Green 5 angels

Bronwyn Green’s Ronan’s Grail was a marvelous book that I will remember fondly for some time to come. Morgan and Ronan’s story held me enthralled from start to finish. They were extraordinary characters and the passion and love they shared truly was the thing of legends. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Arthurian legend and Ronan’s Grail definitely ranks among my favorites of the erotic genre. Ms. Green has made an instant fan of me and I plan to revisit her universe of witches, knights and magic over and over again.Reviewed by: Misa

Winter Hearts by Anny Cook 3 angels

Anny Cook has given us a fun frolic with a twist in Winter Hearts . The Jericho family is angelic in the extreme with shifting abilities that surprise Unity. Quills attraction to Unity is displayed well interfering with his job, but Unity is not someone he can ignore. Unity is strong but she is tired of starting over, she wants her own home and a family to love; and the Jericho family may be it. For an amusing and lighthearted read check out Winter Hearts by Anny Cook. Reviewed by: Dana P.

Shades of Gray by Amarinda Jones 5 angels

Shades of Gray by Amarinda Jones is a fantastic vampire story that left me wanting more now! I enjoyed reading about all the characters, the setting, and the supernatural world Amarinda Jones has created.... Amarinda Jones has written a story that is a must read for any vampire lover!Reviewed by: Ashley

Going Down by Tea Trelawny Rated 4

GOING DOWNFancy Mitzki has the reputation in town of being a matchmaker. With her descendant owning the old building, it is believed that GOING DOWN is a delightful tale about a spirit and a vow that is meant to be kept. Tea Trelawny brings us a funny and interesting tale of love, believing, and hot sexual encounters, that would make any spirit blush. This is one you won't want to miss.
Reviewed by Gloria Gehres


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