Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An Interview with Sandra Cox

Today we are welcoming multipublished author Sandra Cox. I had the privilege of reading a few of her books and I loved everyone of them.

Thank you Sandra for being with us today.

It's a pleasure to be here, Mona. Thanks for having me.

Sandra, what are your writing habits?
I have a day job so I basically write in the evenings, on weekends and at every available opportunity. As soon as I get home from work I grab a Diet Pepsi, something to eat and head for the computer. The only day I don't write is Fridays. Friday is my play day;)

Who or what has been your biggest support?
Family and on line buds. The family never stopped believing in me even when I was ready to throw in the towel. I've had a tremendous amount of support from 'The Pond'. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, our editor likes frogs and her writers, froggies one and all, gather at the cyber space pond. A lot of great friendships have developed on the lilly pads:) Mona is also a frog:)

What do you consider to be the key elements of a great story?
Emotion. Building tension. Finding a way to bring the reader into the book. Making the unbelievable believable.

How do you know what to name your books or the characters?
The name of the book usually comes from something the story is centered around. The Crystal is about a crystal ball, Boji Stones are the stones in the first magic amulet, Rose Quartz is the stone in the second magic amulet and so on.I work on the names quite a bit while I'm outlining. I keep changing them until I find the one that fits the character.

Can you give us a quick synopsis of your latest release?
That would be Silverhills.
Brandon Wade is driving a herd of longhorns over the Chisholm Trail when a youth appears out of nowhere riding a magnificent black stallion and packing a deadly-looking six gun. In need of trail hands, Brandon hires the young man on. Not till weeks later during the middle of a terrible stampede does Brandon learn that his young sharp shooter is a beautiful woman. A woman, full of fire and passion, that he burns to possess. A woman steeped in mystery who refuses to disclose her past.
Alexandria O'Malley is on the run and must be able to disappear at a moments notice. When she hires on to the cattle drive, she doesn’t expect the powerful attraction between herself and her trail boss or the response of her treacherous body. Will love and desire cost Alexandria her life. . .or save it?

Your upcoming books?

Rose Quartz, the 2nd in the amulet series is due out March 20th with Cerridwen Press.
Power Stones to Go, a metaphysical kit on gems, published through Lotus Circle is due to go to print this month.
Black Opal, the 3rd in the amulet series, is due to be released with Cerridwen in June.
Akasha is due to be released at Wings EPress in July. Akasha is the 2nd in the Cats of Catarau Series.
Sundial is a Time Travel and will be published through Highland Press. It does not have a release date.

Please tell us about your work in progress.
I've got three going right now that I flit back and forth on. The fourth in the amulet series, the third in the Cats of Catarau series and a new cat fantasy.
Where can we find your books?
I love this question:) Thanks for asking.
Most of my books can be found at
Shardai can be found at, or fictionwise. Shardai is available in paper or e.

I am currently running a contest in honor of Rose Quartz's upcoming release. The prizes are a Rose Quartz T-Shirt and a Boji Stones T-Shirt. If you have an opportunity please stop by and enter to win. I'll be looking for you:)

Thanks for having me, Mona. It's been fun. I'm looking forward to French Peril when it comes out.

Thank you, Sandra, for being here. I love your strories. They have the emotion and suspense I look for in a book.


Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for having me, Mona. Great questions, great presentation:)

Rita Thedford said...

Great blog, Sandra and Mona. I agree with you, Sandra, about emotion being a big deal. It is. After all...we write love stories. To me, the emotions involved serve to move the story forward. BTW...Love the black opal cover. GAWD it's gorgeous.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Rita:) I'm rather attached to that cover myself. grin.

Shelley Munro said...

Great interview. I like all your covers - they're beautiful. It sounds like you pack a lot into your writing time, considering the books you have coming out soon.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Shelley. It may be a bit of a lag until the next submission since I'm not finishing one thing before I start another. New approach:) We'll see.....

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Hi Sandra,

I agree with Shelly, it sounds as though you pack a lot into your writing time. Love your titles and your bookcovers.

Lots of luck with the latest release.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Helen:)Much appreciated.

Teri Thackston said...

It's so tough to find time to write when we work full time. You're a wonderful writer, Sandra, and we're lucky readers that you've managed to balance writing with a "real" job.

Sandra Cox said...

What a nice thing to say. And here's back at ya, Teri:)

Amarinda Jones said...

I can hardly wait for Rose Quartz I loved, loved, loved Silverhills

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Ms. Amarinda. Welcome back.