Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Alpha Hero

In a previous blog I explained I like to have real models to help me describe my heroes and heroines’s physical appearances.

Characters however are a complete work of my imagination. In general, I like the alpha hero and the strong heroine who can stand up to him and ends up taming him.

In TO LOVE A HERO, Major General Sergei Fedorin is the ultimate alpha hero, strong, generous, dedicated to his cause.
Sergei flipped to the other picture. His breathing caught in his throat. The image of a sick Sophia, already affected by cancer, smiled back at him. His wife of fifteen years, blonde and pale, with blue eyes too big for her face and a yellow dress too loose on her frail body.
“I will keep my promise, Sophia. I will purge our country of the Chernobyl pollution that cost you your precious life.”

General Sergei is a powerful man who takes control and makes things happen. His thoughts, his dialogue, and his actions reveal his strength and earn him respect and admiration.
The Major General marched in, his stance regal. His shoulders seemed to widen as he reached his place at the center of the table facing her. The officers stood and saluted.
She remembered him tall and handsome. Now, he appeared so imposing, so vibrant…and just yesterday, he’d held her in his arms.
The general returned the salute. A fleeting smile shaped his lips and a hint of a bow acknowledged her presence

He wants things done and wants them done now.
“So many young lives have been destroyed. So many loved ones are gone forever. We need to act fast. We need to clean our environment before more people suffer.”
His voice filled the huge room and her heart. Cecile winced.

He is a man of action, a respected hero, a general used to be in command, an officer no one would dare to question or disobey.
Forget the terms of this contract. I need to change them.

He is single-minded, sometimes arrogant and oozing self-confidence.
“The colonel will be back any minute,” she said with a cold edge to her voice while gripping the top of her blouse.
Sergei leveled a sober look at her. “He knows better than to barge into my office without knocking. I will not apologize for taking you in my arms.” He helped her rearrange her clothing then reached for her hand and brought it to his lips. “Cecilya, my darling, I could kiss you and caress you all through the night.”

He knows his status and would selfishly protect it.
He touched his lips to her forehead. “No, my darling, the Major General of Belarus has no business being at the airport. Forgive me if I do my best to ignore you at the Hall of Officers.”

But his flaws derive from his qualities.
Arrogant: he believes in himself and the reach of his influence.
As a high-ranking officer, he’d never lacked female companionship. With so many local beauties competing to hang on his arm and warm his bed, he had trouble understanding why he’d be intrigued by this brainy scientist with a do not touch warning sign written all over her dainty figure. He wanted to know her better. If only for the sake of his project.

He uses his charm and power to get what he wants.
Cecile eyed him, not believing a word of his flowery talk. She wondered how many women had succumbed to his irresistible charm. The man was devilishly handsome and seemed to be an expert at smooth talking.
An easy smile played at the corners of his mouth. “We are two civilized partners.”
Two partners? Did he think her naїve enough to trust his sudden acceptance? “I’m glad to hear you say that.” She plastered a smile on her lips, wondering if she’d ever be able to relax in his presence.
He flattened his palm on the arm of the sofa and leaned forward, robbing her of breathing space. She inhaled his clean masculine smell and a hint of the Old Spice he seemed to favor and remembered the feel of being held against his firm chest.
Suddenly grave, his gaze focused on her eyes. “Dr. Lornier, we need to discuss the terms of the contract.”

He is passionate, sensual and sexy.
“Cecilya, we can’t wait for fate to hand us an hour here and there.” She moaned softly, sharing his frustration. “I need to see you…privately. I’ll ask Nicolai to drive you tomorrow.” He smoothed her hair. His hand slid to cradle her cheek. Like a kitten ready to purr, she rubbed her face against his palm. “Will you come?” His voice grated low with his urgency.
She nodded, without bothering to ask where they would meet.
His fiery gaze locked with hers, demanding and promising. Soon.

Women succumb to his charm. And we fall in love with him alongside the heroine.
Yet, she’d dare the unthinkable. She wanted the inaccessible, powerful Major General of Belarus with every cell of her body. And he seemed to crave her as much.
Damn their positions.

But he wants them on his term.
Last night, he had promised himself he would smother his love and try to snatch her out of his thoughts. Cecilya didn’t understand his patriotism. She’d refused to share his simple life and glorious dream. So be it, he would continue to live only for Belarus. As an officer, he could accept hardship without complaint

And in the end he will give in to the only one who truly understands him and loves him.
“Cecilya, I have never met a woman like you.”
Her cheeks suffused with heat at the intensity of his gaze. She loved the local accent he added to her name, Cecilya. The unique way he pronounced it as if he were singing a Russian melody.

His passion overrode common sense and logic. He hadn’t planned to love her on a rug but he wanted her and she’d shown the same desperate hunger. His hands eased under the layers of clothing until they touched bare flesh. He felt her relax in his embrace. His fingers roamed freely across her back, then over her breasts and he fondled them with care and love. Fire spread and raged within his body.
He heard a soft ragged breathing. Cecile snatched her mouth and buried her head against his shoulder. “Oh Sergei, I love you.”
Tenderness flooded his heart. “Cecilya.” He trailed hot blazing kisses over her cheeks, eyelids and lips. “My Cecilya, I love you. I will love you forever.”

Harlequin: <<The Alpha Male--why does he endure?
Readers seek out the alpha male as a fantasy, an embodiment of heroic qualities-including the positive use of power.
When a writer creates an alpha hero, she creates a force for good in her novel. he may have flaws, but ultimately it is his strength of purpose and his passion that bring about the happy ending.
The most exciting conflicts in a romance stem from 'taming the beast'. The hero is stopped in his tracks by the heroine, and it is through her that he changes and develops


Amarinda Jones said...

You are so organized when it comes to writing. I just start writing a character and let it take me where ever it wants...probably how I end up with such weird characters

Sandra Cox said...

I'm looking forward to reading this, Mona.
Using my mug I won everyday. Love it.

Mona Risk said...

Thanks for posting a comment Amarinda and Sandra. I was wondering if it was worth posting if I cannot come up with grabbing posts that can attract and retain interest. Maybe it will come with experience.

Amarinda Jones said...

Mona - I personally just ramble on about whatever is in my mind at that moment for my blog - I think you can see that. Remember you may not get many comments but people are reading. I find some days the less comments I get the more readers I have. I think maybe they have no idea how to respond to what I have written. Soldier on