Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When to blog and When to write

When I started this blog I was determined to post every day.
An interesting topic, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Promotion for myself or fellow authors on Tuesday and Thursday.
A joke and two quotes on Saturday.

I was a good girl for three weeks and delivered what I promised. But life has its way of throwing obstacles and stopping our best intentions. I was sick and too tired to post, and then there was the RT convention and the excitement of seeing so many friends.

After a lot of thinking, I've decided to be wise and limit my blog to one or two postings a week. I will post on Monday and maybe on Thursday.

Before moving into any discussion I have some news to share with you.


My debut book received three reviews and a superb fan letter sent to my publisher Cerridwen Press. Here is the fan letter:

Dear Editor:

"To Love a Hero" is indeed a thrilling and fascinating story. The author has succeeded in selecting a subject that had captivated the attention of the world at large: the catastrophe of Chernobyl and its aftermath. This disaster has enhanced the appeal of the novel, which I read with a great deal of interest. The importance of the issue, the clear style, the fluidity of the story and the dialogue among the diverse characters are just a few of the reasons that have highlighted the quality of this novel.

Mona Risk has succeeded in demonstrating in no uncertain terms, that love knows no frontier or nationality. She has also made a strong statement that scientific intellect is not governed by age and is not solely dominated by man. In a subtle, yet emphatic manner, the author has been able to assign a strong character to heroine to thwart an archaic neutrality that disparages the intellectual abilities of the woman in society.

In spite of the conflicts, the skirmishes and the struggle for supremacy between the two great powers, Mona Risk has succeeded in weaving a lavish love story. The reader becomes so involved and carried away by the plot that he finds it difficult to put the novel down without pursuing the story to its conclusion.

Oh wow. Coming from R. Gorlinsky, our publisher, the letter had me jump and down.

TO LOVE A HERO received three reviews from:

Two Lips Review: 4.5 lips Mona Risk tells a poignant yet beautiful and sweet story of two people falling love, who must fight their attraction, knowing that Cecile is only there for a short time. This is a different world for Cecile, in a place where women have little say in politics, nor do they hold a "man's" job… To Love A Hero is a first for Ms. Risk. This is a story readers will enjoy.

Review Your book: 4 stars. To Love a Hero has a complex plot. There are twists and turns that the reader will not expect. Mona Risk is a talented author. She knows how to weave intrigue and romance into her story. The characters are well-developed. Sergei and Cecile play well together. Roussov is the perfect antagonist. Fans of romance and suspense will enjoy To Love a Hero.

Literary Nymphs Review: 3 nymphs. The physical and emotional connection between the two main characters is strong. Author Risk has presented an interesting tale of passion and politics.

And now the great news about my coming book, FRENCH PERIL.
I have a release date, June 19, 2008 and an ISBN 978 1419917189.

Writing is good, uplifting but sometimes depressing. Rewarding and yet frustrating.
But a writer can’t stop writing no matter what.

I write when I’m happy because I want to share my stories.
I write when I’m depressed because my stories make me forget reality and soothe me.
I write when I’m lonely because my hero and heroine keep me company and fill my life.
I write when I’m excited because my muse flies and won’t be denied.
I write all the time.

And when I don’t write I read what other authors write.

Fellow writers, is writing a passion that consumes you?

And what about our readers can they stop reading?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Romantic Times Convention

I haven't posted for quite some time because of health problems that receded in the excitement of the RT Convention. Boy, was it worth going!!!!!

Let me share some of the best moments:
Signing for the first time in my life at a conference.

Ellora's Cave Fantasy Party: Crossing the stage at the arm of a hunk to die for. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but I will have my friends' pictures in a few days.

My friend and critique partner, Helen Scott-Taylor, winning the RT 2008 American Title IV.

Meeting many fellow authors from Ellora's Cave and Cerridwen Press.

Kelly Kirch-------------------------------------- Mona with Kathy Kullig and Kathleen Coddington -------------Anny Cook

And the highlights of the RT convention, meeting the fabulous models.

Meet Mr. Romance, Chris Winters on the right and his second runner up, James Gaskin (Jimmy) on the left.

My friend Joan and I posing with Jimmy, and then with Chris.

What a great time we had. See you next year in Orlando. This time I will be driving and taking as many books as I can load in my car.