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Coming soon

Coming soon:

Can the pain of the past brings about the happiness of the future?

Stefano Kostapoulos plans to demolish the dilapidated Pink Villa inherited from his grandmother and build a modern resort on the Greek island of Mykonos. But the old American co-owner refuses to sell his shares and sends his lawyer to Greece. Undeterred, Stefano plans to shred the newcomer to pieces at the hearing.

Except that the attorney is a gorgeous redhead who knocks Stefano out of his axis when he meets her incognito. Sparks fly during a first encounter that leads to a memorable night of passion.

In court, Counselor Ashley Sheppard, the co-owner’s granddaughter, is in for a nasty surprise. Her handsome Greek god is the opponent. Her heart gnaws with pain, yet she attacks him with all her strength during the hearing.

Stefano wins the lawsuit, but is about to lose Ashley. To keep her in Mykonos, he strikes a deal with his old enemy. Does Ashley dare to trust the Greek playboy? Or even understand her grandfather’s strange volte-face regarding the Pink Villa?

Excerpt: The Past.
     She stood and walked to the center of the room, addressing the judge. “Your honor, I came all the way from the USA to attend this hearing. Mr. Zanis is my grandfather. He’s also an eighty-two year old man in bad health. In Mykonos, you heard of this scandal and the feud between Mr. Zanis and the Kostapoulos family.” Crossing her arms, she surveyed the audience and studied their expressions, as her words were translated in Greek. Mostly curious smiles, interested looks, and a few sarcastic grins.
     “Let me tell you the beautiful but sad story of two young people who loved each other.  George Zanis— Yorgho as he was called here—was twenty, from a relatively poor family, who couldn’t afford to send him to college. He made the big mistake of falling in love with the prettiest girl in Mykonos. Elena was the daughter of the powerful mayor and richest man in town. To be able to ask for her hand in marriage, Yorgho worked two and three shifts  a day as a mechanic and saved all his money. And then he did a crazy thing for the girl he loved. He bought an old house no one wanted, renovated it, and offered it to his girlfriend.”
     During translation, she scanned her audience and let her gaze rest on Stefano. “As a lawyer, all I’ve seen in my life and in my personal experience, are jerks who take advantage of innocent girls, or womanizers who collect nights of pleasure.”
     A collective gasp answered her bold accusation. Stefano narrowed his eyes.
     “But these young people were different. Innocents who believed in love. Unfortunately, Yorgho was rejected by Elena’s family. As a last resort to win her hand in marriage, he decided to seek his fortune in America and come back a rich man to marry her. Elena promised to wait for him. Like many young lovers, they gave in to their passion and shared a night in each other’s arms. Big mistake,” she spat out, with a disgusted glance toward Stefano who smiled.
     God, how she wanted to punch that smile. She spun toward the judge. “You know the rest. A pregnant Elena was forced to marry to save the honor of her family. She lost the child two days before her wedding. What you don’t know is that Yorgho and Elena remained friends all their lives and exchanged letters once or twice a month. Elena visited the Pink Villa regularly to read her best friend’s letters.”
     Ignoring Stefano’s new scowl, she continued, “Now your honor, how could you deny an old man’s last wish to preserve the gift he’d given to his love?”
     “Ms. Sheppard, I appreciate your presentation. I am sure everyone here has been touched by this amazing love story. But does Mr. Zanis plan to come and live in the Pink Villa?” the judge asked as he tilted his chin.
     The question was crucial to the outcome of the hearing but she couldn’t lie to win her case. “Mr. Zanis is too sick to travel.”
     “Therefore he might never step again into the Pink Villa. Why would he prevent the good residents of Mykonos from enjoying a new resort and the income it would bring?”
     “The Pink Villa holds sentimental value.”
      “It’s not a good enough reason.” He tapped his table with the gavel. “Mr. Kostapoulos, you can buy Mr. Zanis’ half. The court will send him his due. I am granting the permits to demolish the Pink Villa and build a tourist resort.”

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Product Description

A lie that brings a smile... or the truth that draws tears?

Dr. Olivia Crane lives a quiet life. No one questions why she doesn't socialize or where she spends every weekend. When the visiting physician from France strolls into her office, with open arms and a confident smile, her perfect control is about to crumble.

Good God, he can't be Dr. Luc George, the man she loved ten years ago? Should she return his scorching kisses, or should she lock her door before he digs into her many secrets?

Secret daughter, secret friend, secret enemy. Had Luc really known his sweet Olivia back then? He wants her back, but he wants the truth, too. Now, Olivia has to face her past before she can grab her second chance. 201PIE Award Finalist

2010 Best Contemporary Romance ~ Readers Favorite

"A charming story. Keeping the reader entertained with the twists and turns in the plot." ~Got Romance!

"Full of emotion, suspense, intrigue, good intentions and determination."
The Long And The Short Reviews

"A wonderfully written book about true love and the rarity of second chances." ~Happy Ever After

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The Right Picture

I changed the book cover of RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN three times. I just couldn't find the perfect picture that would reflect the essence of my story.

My husband loved the woman's face. Her expression reflects her puzzlement: Is it the right name she blurted in her dreams? Is she with the wrong man? The Eiffel Tower showed the French setting.

But other authors commented the picture wasn't sexy enough and the font not professional.

I frantically looked for another picture that would be more sexy, and found this one. Just when I was about to upload it, a friend visiting me at home loked at it and said, " She looks nice, but what's this, are they two women?"
My heart sank. I examined the picture carefully and admitted she had a point. The man looked too feminine.

When I turned the picture by mistake, I liked it much more. The man had a 24 hour stubble and looked more manly. I showed it to a couple of best-sellers authors who prefered it to the first one with the Eiffel Tower. "Much, much better," was their answer.

But I personally was not comfortable with this picture. Yes the girl was cute, but I don't like bold men. After monitoring the Amazon reports, I realized that this new book cover didn't increase the sales.

So I kept looking for a better picture. And came up with a new one where the man was really a sexy one, at least one who appealed to me. I showed it to a fan who have read and reviewed my book. She said," Where is La Eiffel Tower by night for my favorite scene?"

Who am I to disapooint a fan!
So I modified the new picture and added an Eiffel Tower by night.
Here is the blurb:
What’s a girl to do when she whispers another man’s name in her fiancé’s arms?

When forbidden dreams about the sexy French Dr. Yves Mtlroux assail her at every turn, Mary-Beth puts her wedding plans on hold. The man would probably not even remember the plump nerd she was three years ago before she lost her illusions faster than her pounds. Regardless, to be able to marry her fiancé without reservations, Mary-Beth needs to confront her past and flies to France for a summer training program in surgery with Yves.

But Yves never forgets an organ he removed from a patient or a woman he dated. And he never forgot the pretty student of Harvard Medical School who has turned into a stunning beauty and seems in serious need of coaching about spicing her serious life with some fun and passion.

While too many questions still swirled in her mind, her jealous fiancé summons her back home.

Will Mary-Beth let her heart decide who’s her right man? Will Yves break his no-strings-attached rule to offer love and commitment?

It's not easy to come with the right bookcover and we should appreciate our bookcover artists.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Featured on eReader Daily News

NO MORE LIES, a lie that brings a smile or a truth drawing tears. Secrets and second chances with humor, 99 cents,

A lie that brings a smile… or the truth that draws tears?

Dr. Olivia Crane lives a quiet life. No one questions why she doesn’t socialize or where she spends her weekends. When the visiting physician from France strolls into her office, with open arms and a confident smile, her perfect control is about to crumble. He’s Dr. Luc George, the man she loved ten years ago. Should she return his scorching kisses, or should she lock her door before he digs into her many secrets?

Secret daughter, secret friend, secret enemy. Had Luc really known his sweet Olivia back then? He wants her back, but he wants the truth too. Now, Olivia has to face her past before she can grab her second chance.

Today I am featured on eReader Daily News, a site where you need to have at least five 5***** reviews.

NO MORE LIES received 12 Five Stars reviews, and 1 Four Stars reviews.

Here is what the reviews say:

Happy Endings– K.Mc Convile : It is a wonderfully written book about true love and the rarity of second chances. I would prescribe that anyone wanting a lighthearted fast-paced love story should read this book. I give it a five star rating with a `must buy this book’.

H.M. Taylor–An emotional story of a woman’s struggle to overcome the trauma of past events and recapture the love of her life. This book kept me turning the pages to find out how Olivia and Luc would come to terms with the secrets that had caused them to break up years earlier.

Night Owl Reviews–No More Lies was a fantastic read. The plot was also very well thought out and the pacing on target. The wonderful healing that took place in this book also made it a very sweet read.

The Long and The Short–No More Lies is full of emotion, suspense, intrigue, good intentions and determination, depending on which character POV you are looking from.

Steph Burkhart–A Compelling Read. Risk explores the damage lies can do to love in “No More Lies.” Dr. Olivia Crane is a successful psychiatrist. The love scenes are sensual and tasteful. ”No More Lies,” will resonate with readers and make them believe that love can overcome even the most challenging of obstacles.

Seniorcitizen–Two psychiatrists have a go at love. He also happens to be a gorgeous French count with a chateau in the Loire Valley. It doesn’t get any better than this. Thank you, Mona Risk, for another wonderful story.

Joanne- Enchanting read. Mona Risk is one of my favorite authors, and this book is one of the reasons. Suspenseful, humorous, and filled with emotion, you will love Dr. Olivia Crane and Luc. And, the beautiful French setting is delightful.

Anthony Antaki–I loved this story and enjoyed the emotional twists and turns, the humor and suspense. The characters are delightful, an assertive heroine with too many secrets, a dashing hero who’s trying to win her back, a strong-headed teenager, an overprotective, meddling and funny mother, and a conceited evil villain. Mona Risk kept me entertained from the first page to the last with this fast-paced story.

P. Varnado–No More Lies is a testament that love can be better the second time around, even when dealing with past heartaches. Mona Risk delivered the type of story that appeals to me. All I can say is thanks Mona for writing such a heartwarming story that is as timeless as any classic.

Mary Barfield–No More Lies is about second chances, love that lasts despite time and separation, a child, misunderstandings, and a nasty villain. Plan to read this one in one sitting and let everything else go until you finish it. Enjoy!

Allison Chase–This is an emotional, lovely story about trust and redemption, told in Mona Risk’s beautiful, poignant style.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Two days after the accident

MRI, X-rays, cat scan and several blood tests revealed fourteen injured vertebrae, some smashed against each other, some fractured. Surgery should partly repair the damage, but the surgeon can't operate, because Marie has several fractured ribs, and two broken ribs, one poking the lung and the other touching the ventricle--this is the most dangerous. The cardiologist who is worried about internal bleeding has it monitored with regular c-scans.

The good news is that she's now able to move her toes, feet and legs. Thank God no paralysis. Regular injections of morphine, and Percocet pill help Marie deal with the terrible pain.

She refuses to eat saying she's not hungry and swallowing hurts. Being on the heavy side, she stated that not eating wasn't going to kill her. I joked telling her, by the time she gets out of the hospital she'll be slim with a gorgeous figure. She laughed and said laughing hurts. So far her moral is relatively good because of the continuous flow of visitors. Marie is a generous person who was always ready to drive friends here or there.

Tomorrow she will receive the police report and we'll know how the accident happened. Rumor has it that it was a chain accident. One car driver was reckless accelerating in a twenty-five mile zone where cars crawled bumper to bumper. Several people were injured and ended at the hospital, but her injuries seem to be the worst. They keep her in the cardiac unit because of the threat of the broken rib to the heart. The doctor already told her she has to wear a neck brace and a special brace with a fused metal rod has been ordered for her back.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Unexpected

Here is scenario for your next book:

It's New Year's Eve. A lovely young widow dressed up for her New Year's Eve party. She's been invited by her friends, a nice couple who loves her dearly, to a BYOB and an appetizer or dessert gathering in the lounge of their building. She lives not too far, and the fifteen minutes drive along the one-lane busy road is a familiar path she uses every day.

Ready in a black silk skirt, sequin shirts, and matching high-heel sandals, she grabs a black shawl and a small evening purse. On second thought, she stuffs the small purse and shawl into a larger bag containing her keys, wallets, ids,..

After ten minutes, the traffic slows, almost bumper to bumper, then jerks and moves, and slows and moves. She'll be  late but doesn't worry too much about it. Finally, the cars ahead speed, so to speak, to twenty-five miles speed. Suddenly the car in  front of her stops. Marie slams on the break too. The car behind her bumps against her SUV and sends her barrelling into the front one.
It all happens so fast. The safety bags open, hit her face, and suffocate her. She can't breathe, she can't turn her head, she can't move. Oh God, am I going to die, she prays as the world turns black around her.

"Ma'am, can you hear me?" She opens an eye. Someone knocks on her side window. She can't move, and gasps for air, but one balloon presses hard against her open mouth, and the other against her stomach.

"Help is coming." Someone opens the passenger door and crawls next to her to undo her seat belt, and then crashes the safety balloon. A white vapor wafts to her mouth. She coughs and groans. "Help me, help me, please."

A policeman pulls the key stuck in the starter. Another opens the driver door. "Ma'am, can you go out?"

She can't feel her legs, and keeps coughing. A paramedics holds her head, immobilizes it with a neck brace, and lays her on her back. "It's okay, we'll get you out." Three men slide her out of the car and onto a stretcher that they move to an ambulance.

"What's you name?"
"Last name, date of birth, social security?"
Her eyes close, she tries to remember, but can't.
"Do you have a purse?"
"Okay, we'll find it. Do you have shoes?"
"Shoes?" She can't remember.
At ER, they try to move her, she screams in pain. A nurse gives her an injection. "It's morphine. You'll sleep and be fine while we take x-rays."

Meanwhile at the party her friend calls her on her cell phone and at home every half an hour. "Something must have happened to Marie."

The next morning a nurse explains: "You have three broken ribs, a broken vertebra, and a broken scapula. Maybe more. A doctor should come to see you. Be patient, it's the New Year. Happy New Year, Marie." The nurse brings her the purse and gives her the cell phone with a dozen anxious messages.

She calls her friend and apologises for missing the party.
 "I'm coming right away," says her friend.

This is a true story that happened last night. Marie was coming to a party in my building.