Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reviewing 2011 resolutions:

Walk 3-5 miles a day, several times a week.
Check: I walked 4 miles a day, 3 to 4 times a week for two months.
Positive results: so proud of myself for this accomplishment
Negative results: developed a bone spur in my right heel. Very painful.

Podiatrist had me wear booties when sleeping. Orthopedic doctor gave me a cortisone injection in the heel. So painful I almost kicked him while lying on my stomach, my leg bent upward. The nurse was holding me with all her strength and I was alternatively biting my teeth and screaming from pain. Doctor also ordered special orthoses to cushion my sneakers. The injection and orthoses helped for six months and then the pain in my heel returned when I fell. This time I went through a long therapy to remove the inflammation. It looked like I'll have to receive another cortisone injection to be able to walk normally.

Counter-Resolution: Never again! No more resolution to exercise or walk. If I feel like walking, I'll walk. If I feel like exercising, I will. No need to force myself with a challenge. My body knows what's best.

Diet. No high calorie food. No chocolate, cookies, desserts, ice-cream. I replaced these with nuts: almonds and pistachios.
Check: I lost weight.
Positive results: so proud of myself for this accomplishment
Negative Result: an acute pain in my left side, stomach problem that turns out to be goal bladder stones.
Gastro-enterologist visit, tests, c-scan. And an order to eat a bland diet: bread, potatoes, noodles,...
Results: I gained fifteen pounds.

Counter-Resolution: Never again! No more resolution to diet. If I feel like eating chocolate, I will. If I feel splurging on ice cream, I will. No need to force myself with a challenge. My body knows what's best.

So what resolutions can I make for 2012?

It's not healthy not to have goals and make resolutions. I need easy ones.
Help me choose easy resolutions that won't break my bones or hurt my system!

In RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN, my heroine has lost 90lbs before the story begins. But she had an incredible motivation.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Children's Christmas

For me Christmas is not the same without my children and grandchildren. 
Every year we sit them on the same sofa in front of the TV and take the same traditional picture.

 So when my daughter said that she was on call at her hospital and won't make it to our family gathering at my place, I was quite depressed.
I finally accepted the fact that she had her priorities and her little patients needed her more than we did. I planned my cooking and baking, and started decorating my apartment.

 But one day I received a lovely phone call announcing she'd agreed to switch with another doctor. He'll sub for her on Christmas and she'd sub for him on New Year, and yeah, they were coming, but would leave early on Christmas morning.

We opened the Christmas presents on the 24th in the afternoon for the children to have time to enjoy them. My neat living room turned into one happy messy area.

Our building came up with a fantastic Children's Party on Christmas Eve from 3-5 pm, in the lounge. All the children visiting on that day were invited to sing along and light the Menorah. What an amazing idea to unite all the children and have them share the holiday fun together.
To the children's delight, Santa Claus came later. Each kid was invited to sit on his lap for a memorable photo.

For more fun during the holiday, load your kindle with romantic comedies at for only $0.99

NO MORE LIES: a lie that brings a smile or a truth drawing tears? Secrets and second chances with humor.

RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN: Whispering another man’s name in fiancé’s arms? Oops, wedding plans still on? or what now?

And here is my best Christmas gift:

Review by Seniorcitizen for RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN:
Unforgettable, December 27, 2011
This is a five star plus from Mona Risk. Pulled me in within the first chapter and kept me hooked. And oh, that night in Paris in a  heavy rainstorm - I just had to re- read it several times for the sheer pleasure of it. I couldn't have imagined it any better.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What to eat?!

"Don't touch nuts. Stay away from chocolate. Absolutely no drinks.

Don't eat raw vegetables. No salad. Cheese no good. Avoid coffee."

Is my doctor crazy or is he trying to make me crazy?

Everybody knows that nuts or chocolate are necessary to avoid depression.

How can you socialize without a drink? Friends will think I'm snubbing them

Without salad or raw vegetable my diet is going in smoke.

No cheese means no calcium, bad for my bones.

Avoid coffee? That is the last drop!

Should I tell my doctor, I write medical romances and know a thing or two about a healthy diet?

It's Christmas time. Can I cheat and eat what I want? I'm ready to suffer a little bit to happy time.

Good thing he didn't tell me stop writing romances. Although he mentions not to sit too long in front of my computer!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Are you ready for Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?

1. Christmas tree? check, with a two-foot tree standing on a side table and decorated with a string of tiny lights and chocolate balls wrapped in bright colored foil. My grandchildren will have a blast with these after dinner.

2- Christmas decorations in the living room? check, my granddaughters helped me put them since before Thanksgiving. It was a way to keep them busy on a rainy afternoon. They were especially careful with the Santa Claus a friend of my mother made for me twenty years ago.

3-Christmas cards. Nope. For the first time, we’ll send emails.

4-Christmas letter. I’ve written one every year for the past five years. I really don’t feel like doing it now.

5-Shopping for presents: blessed be the Internet and on-line shopping.

6-Cooking: half of it is done. A friend came to help me.

So what have I been doing during this Christmas season?

Visiting doctors for several problems and going to therapy every day to try to heal the spur bone in my foot that prevents me from walking. In addition three friends and a close relative are/were in the hospital for surgeries or treatments. Too many depressive things around.

T’is the Season to be jolly. Not really here. Not this season, as we wonder collectively: “What’s happening this year?”

To overcome the gloomy mood, I count my blessings every day and try to convince myself that anything that can be cured is no big deal.

So yes, it’s the Season to be Jolly. My kids and grandchildren will be here for Christmas. My house will turn into a happy noisy mess. The parents will warn the kids to behave. And I’ll tell the parents to bug off. In my house, the grandchildren always behave, but they are free to play, sing, yell as much as they want. Sometimes, I swear their parents are the ones who need to take time out.

Oh and I have two lovely sexy romantic comedy on Amazon for only 99cents. Make them part of your reading relaxation or gift them to your relatives and friends.

NO MORE LIES: A lie that brings a smile or a truth drawing a tear? White lies and second chances with humor,

RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN: What’s a girl to do when she whispers another man’s name in her fiancé’s arms? Doesn’t that put the kibosh on wedding plans?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

LK Hunsaker

I am honored to host a friend and multi-published author.
LK Hunsaker wrote a string of novels centered around the arts and societal issues, combined with strong romantic elements. As spouse of a decorated career soldier, she traveled widely, moved several times, and held down the home front. She was honored with meeting some of Washington D.C.'s top names and a prized possession is her first novel signed by a former first lady. Having received inspiration and instruction from her family of recognized artists, Hunsaker also holds arts and psychology degrees heavy with English and creative writing emphasis. She is now settled in western Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.

LK has been labeled a master storyteller by reviewers and peers, and has won several peer awards and commendations. Several of her short stories, poems, and articles have been published in literary ezines and print magazines.

Please welcome LK Hunsaker.

Hi Mona, thanks for having me here today to talk about my newest release, MOONDROPS & THISTLES! I look forward to chatting with your readers, so questions are very welcome.

1. What inspired you to write this story? What is the story behind the story?
Moondrops & Thistles was basically a fan request. Daws, my hero, is a secondary character from my 2009 release, Off The Moon. In it, he plays a hard-nosed, gentle-hearted bodyguard to a young pop star. One of the most commented thing about that novel was how readers just loved Daws and wanted more of his story. So when Nanowrimo 2010 came about and I needed a story idea, I grabbed Daws and the basic knowledge that he used to be military, and I built a story around him.

It’s also a story I’ve wanted to do for years and wasn’t sure how to approach until Daws came along. I was an Army wife for 17 years, my husband is a Desert Storm vet, and I wanted not only soldiers’ voices heard from all of those years of experience, but also their spouses’ voices.

2- Are your characters inspired by people you know?

Absolutely. Daws has a few of my husband’s traits and I pulled plenty of things I saw and heard from other soldiers and spouses to include. I had fun writing the parts of Daws’s men because honestly, soldiers are maybe the most fun group of people you’ll ever find. They work hard and they play hard and they learn what to truly value and what it takes to hold onto those things. And you have to have a good sense of humor to do what they do and still come through it back into the real world.

There are also a couple (at least) of true personal experiences thrown in, such as the bath drain and the vacuum cleaner.

3- Why did you choose that setting? Tell us why you like it?The story bounces between New York City, Fort Drum NY, and Bennington VT. NYC is where Ryan, Off The Moon’s hero, lives and Bennington is where his family is. Moondrops is set 9 years earlier than Off The Moon and so Ryan, my young pop star who is pivotal to this story as well, is still living at home. I used Fort Drum mainly because of its placement in regard to both Bennington and NYC. It worked for the story. Unfortunately I haven’t been there but some friendly soldiers and wives who were stationed there during the writing of it helped with a bit of detail.

4- Is there a message behind your story? What kind of audience will particularly enjoy your book?

All of my books have messages. They are very society oriented, as well as relationship studies. The main message behind Moondrops is just the truth behind military life and who soldiers really are and what their loved ones have to deal with on a regular basis. There are bits and pieces of other messages, as well.
Audience: Anyone who is truly interested in that separate but connected part of society that is the world of the U.S. Military and who loves fiction with substance, plus a nice growing romance, should enjoy Moondrops & Thistles. It is lightly sensual with a bare touch of adult language and situations. Nothing too graphic, either with love scenes or war drama. It does have some emotionally charged spots and readers have already let me know they cried through parts of it. But it’s upbeat overall, with some humor and an ending that is both an end and a beginning.

There is also the slightly spicier version with less military action and societal dealings and more focus on the romance. That one is available as ebook only. The full version is both trade paperback and ebook. This is the first time I’ve done a shorter and spicier edition and so am anxious to hear readers’ thoughts!

5- At what point are you in your writing career? Have you achieved your goals? What more would you like to do?

By now I have six novels published and a children’s book inspired by my Rehearsal series. I feel like I’m just getting on a roll, although I’ve been at it since 1996. There is a huge learning curve that you can’t get any way except doing it. I’m not at the top of the curve yet, but I can start to see the top and I think it may be reachable.

I’ve only started to fulfill my goals. I have several books in progress and am branching out in more directions. My main path is with my literary romances. It’s an odd mix and can be a hard sell, since literary fiction readers and romance readers tend to be two whole different audiences, but I think it can work and I’d like to see that extend. There are now literary thrillers and literary sci fi books, and I think that’s incredible. I love the genre mixing. I’d like to help encourage that. And I’d love to help advance the idea of independent authors writing stories they feel the need to write without the restrictions of fitting a specific genre or whatever the market wants at the moment.

I’m also working on a straight literary novel and have the rough start of a couple of young adult books. I want to stretch while still staying true to my own voice. I also hope to keep growing as a writer as far as craft and technique.


Daws, aka Sergeant Fred Dawson, U.S. Army, is a determined and highly respected leader. Called to serve in Desert Storm, he performs two impromptu rescue missions and manages to bring his men back home. While still haunted by the cost of his actions, he loses the most important person in his life, in an accident for which he feels partly responsible.

Deanna Meyers has had it with men. As far as she's concerned, there isn't a true loyal and honest gentleman left in New York City. In the midst of trying to advance in the world of advertising where the men in charge are more interested in her other attributes than in her skills, she finds herself in another destructive relationship, this time to the possible detriment of her career.

When they run into each other at a bus stop in the pouring rain after midnight, Daws and Deanna recognize the spark of a connection that draws them to each other the way they are both drawn to the city lights at night.


“So?” She was an adventure seeker. It was in her eyes, her gaze, the way she was daring him to spend more time together.

Daws gave himself a second to regain his composure before he answered. “You don’t understand how hard it can be to even hold a friendship together, much less anything else...”

“You think I don’t?” She raised a hand to his neck, let her eyes follow her fingers. “Try being a female professional in New York where men are in charge and intend to stay that way. They want you to bring their coffee and warm their beds. They don’t want you to be competition. And there are more of them. How many friendships do you think I have under the circumstances? Most of the women I know are the wives and girlfriends and mistresses and receptionists. The ones who are professionals or trying to become that see me as competition. They don’t want that, either. I know how hard it is to hold a relationship together. Trust me; that I know. I’ve yet been able to do it. But I keep trying. Does that make me naive?” She shrugged. “Maybe. But it also means I’m strong enough to keep trying. It means I want it enough to keep trying. I’m not a quitter. I’m not afraid of failure. And I’m not afraid to be on my own.”

The fire he saw drew him in, despite how hard he tried not to be drawn in. The warmth, the energy, was hard to resist. He brushed wet strands of hair from her face. “What would you say to breakfast before you start apartment hunting?”

Her expression was half amused, half wary. “You expect me to ask you up tonight?”

“No.” He lowered his hand. “I meant I’ll come back in the morning. There’s a little place I always go for pancakes when I’m here. Wouldn’t mind company.”

“You are an actual gentleman. What do you know? I didn’t realize there were any left.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions. You don’t know what’s going through my head right now.”

Deanna laughed. “Well, Fred Dawson, at least it’s not coming out through your fingers. That’s close enough.” She touched his hand but didn’t quite grasp it. “I would love to meet you for breakfast. But I don’t plan to be up early. I plan to linger and lounge and make full use of this too-extravagant room while I have it.”

Thanks again, Mona! I’d love to give away a copy of the shorter, spicier edition to one of your readers wo comments on this post. I’ll be here now and then through the day to take questions and answer comments. I also have a separate contest posted on my blog in relation to this blog tour. Be sure to check it out for the chance to win a personally signed copy of the full version plus a transforming mug and a Support Our Troops bracelet!

Here’s where you’ll find me:


Blog: (for contest and buy links)

Moondrops Facebook page:

Saturday, December 3, 2011


RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN, a comedy romance novel set in France, at 99 cents, perfect lighten your holiday stress with a few smiles.

What’s a girl to do when she whispers another man’s name in her fiancé’s arms?

When forbidden dreams about the sexy French Dr. Yves Malroux assail her at every turn, Mary-Beth puts her wedding plans on hold. She signs up for a summer training program in surgery with Yves, and flies to France to confront her past and the man who broke her heart years ago.

But she never expected the French doctor--who’s also a count-- to insist on his trainees staying at his historical chateau. Sleeping under his roof, next door to his bedroom, is more temptation than Mary-Beth anticipated. Desire for Yves burns as hot as ever, especially when he focuses all his charm on Mary-Beth to convince her she needs passion in her life. While too many questions still swirled in her mind, her jealous fiancé summons her back home.

Will Mary-Beth let her heart decide who’s her right man? Will Yves break his no-strings-attached rule to offer love and commitment?

Even at the slow speed, they reached home too soon. Once in the garage, Mary-Beth darted from the car to the guestroom and jumped into a long cotton nightgown, ready to claim an honest headache.

A moment later, Steve stood at the door, his eyebrows raised in disbelief. “Come on, not that ugly thing.”

Her hands clenched on the reassuring plain material as she glared at the bottle of Cognac and the two glasses in his hands.

“Wear the short red silk one I bought you two weeks ago.” A suggestive smile formed on his lips. “Darling, it’s Saturday night.”

His unspoken demand swirled the gourmet dinner up into her throat. She clutched her middle, gagged and dashed to the bathroom.

“You’re not sick? Are you? Not tonight, for heaven’s sake.”

No, she wasn’t sick, just terrified of lying with him, making love, and screaming the wrong name again.

“Sweetheart, how are you feeling?” he asked from behind the bathroom door. His concern needled her with remorse.

“I’m better.” She brushed her teeth, splashed cold water on her face, dabbed it with a scented towel, and donned the tiny silk negligee over her shivering body. She took a deep breath. “I love you,” she said with a forceful voice when she opened the door.

“I love you too, my precious one. I become a younger man when I hold you in my arms.”

They toasted their future with a drink of Cognac and climbed into bed. In a swift movement, Steve peeled her nightgown over her head and covered her breasts with kisses.

Stiff as a board, she watched him wide-eyed.

Exasperated, he raised his head. “What’s wrong? I feel like I’m kissing an ice block.”

“I’m sorry. I’m tense. Maybe I worked too much this past week.” Alarmed at the possibility of blurting Yves’s name again, she bit her lips.

“Let me help you relax. Turn over. I’ll massage your back.” He kneaded her muscles with firm hands and she breathed easier. “Think about something nice. Our honeymoon. We’ll go to France. My friend Yves Malroux has often invited me to visit his chateau.”

“No,” she snapped. “I don’t want to go to France.”

“Oh, I thought you’d like it. Such a romantic place, perfect for a honeymoon.”

“No, we’ll go to Italy, or Greece, or England.” Damn it, anywhere except at Yves’ chateau. If that was Steve’s way of relaxing her, it wasn’t working. “Forget the massage. Make love to me.” She turned around and pulled him on top of her.

“My pleasure. Glad I managed to put you back in the mood.” He captured her mouth with eager lips, and she concentrated on his caresses.

Steve excelled at everything he did, surgery, research, social life and lovemaking. Soon enough Mary-Beth forgot her inhibitions under his expert hands and kisses. Soon enough she sighed and moaned with pleasure.

After they collapsed in panting orgasms, she snuggled against his shoulder. Content, she raised her face for one more kiss. “Love you, Yv...Ste-eve, Steve.”

“Love you too, sweetheart.”

“Again. Oh God.” She jammed her fist against her mouth as she jumped to her knees and stared at him.

Yanked from his happily sated semi-slumber, Steve frowned. “I can’t do it again. I’m not twenty anymore.”


“It’s very flattering, my love, but… Why don’t you come in my arms and try to sleep?”

“I’m sorry. Did I scream?”

“No, you just whispered in a kiss, ‘Love you Ste-ee-eve’, several times.” He stroked her arm. “That’s what I love about you, your passion for life, your youth. Damn it, you make me feel so good.”

Off the hook one more time, she exhaled. She’d caught herself this time, but how long could she keep on saying another man’s name when her fiancé held her? And why on earth, did it happen now? Three years after Yves had left. Did she need a shrink?

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. What do you think Mary-Beth should do? Stay and marry her fiance or go to Paris and confront her past?

Leave a comment, then read the book to see if you have the right answer.