Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What to eat?!

"Don't touch nuts. Stay away from chocolate. Absolutely no drinks.

Don't eat raw vegetables. No salad. Cheese no good. Avoid coffee."

Is my doctor crazy or is he trying to make me crazy?

Everybody knows that nuts or chocolate are necessary to avoid depression.

How can you socialize without a drink? Friends will think I'm snubbing them

Without salad or raw vegetable my diet is going in smoke.

No cheese means no calcium, bad for my bones.

Avoid coffee? That is the last drop!

Should I tell my doctor, I write medical romances and know a thing or two about a healthy diet?

It's Christmas time. Can I cheat and eat what I want? I'm ready to suffer a little bit to happy time.

Good thing he didn't tell me stop writing romances. Although he mentions not to sit too long in front of my computer!

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