Friday, June 20, 2008


Thank you all for reading my blog and commenting about my pictures and excerpts. There were so many good comments I added a prize and will have four winners.

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I will share with you some cute pictures taken in Buenos Ayres, Argentina.
The woman is a professional tango dancer.
But the man is...
my husband.
He had my blessing as I was the one taking the pictures.
Would you be surprised if I tell you he loves Argentina and wants to go back.
No way.


Unknown said...

HEY! He looks like he's done a tango or two before. Love the perfect look on the second one. Great shots, Mona.

Ironeyes said...

Your a brave woman to go to Argentina! Women there are not treated the same as up north. South America is a little "different" with their traditions.

Mona Risk said...

Readings, the only tango he did before was with me. At least that's what he said and what I'm naive and believe. LOL

Ironeyes, I didn't have time to discover their traditions. We were too busy watching tango shows.

Phoenix said...

Lived in Bs As and it's fabulous. Congratulations to the winners. Am so jeaolous!!!

Mona, hon, your husband is a total hottie. If you click on the pic you get to see him up close and personal. Niiiiice. SCORE!

JeanMP said...

Great pics. I am pretty sure, my husband wouldn't have tried to tango. He would just enjoy watching everyone

misscd74 said...

How wonderful to share a travel "adventure" with your hubby :-). What other countries have you gone to together?

Mona Risk said...

Hi Kelly, you should have seen my DH's smile when he read your comment. The man thinks you are the smartest person on earth now!!!

Jean, my husband likes to dance. We often do. As a matter of fact we won a twist competition on the cruise ship. We received a bottle of champagne and two tot bags.

Christina, I was counting the countries two days ago with Kelly. It's over forty.