Wednesday, November 30, 2011

99cent Ebooks Special

The Buffet Opens December 1!
Today was an incredible success with people shopping non-stop.

This is the place to find fantastic fiction, value priced for a limited time for only $ .99 each!

This sale is brought to you by all the participating authors:

■Alicia Street & Roy Street;■Amber Carew;■Anya Winter;
■Barbara McMahon;;■Barbara Phinney;■Bella Street;■Bev Pettersen
■Calinda B.;■Carey Corp;■Carly Carson;■Cat Kalen;■Cathryn Fox;
■Christy Hayes;■CJ Lyons;■Cynthia Justlin;■Cynthia Woolf
■Dale Mayer;■Deb Sanders;■Debora Dennis;■Deborah Hale
■Debra Holland;■Debra Maher;■Denise Grover Swank
■Donna Marie Rogers
■E. Ayers;■Edie Ramer;■Eilis Flynn;■Elysa Hendricks;■Emma Jay
■Gemma Halliday;■Georgina Lee;■Gina Black
■Heather Hiestand;■Helen Scott Taylor
■J.A. Templeton;■J.D. Faver;■J.E. Hopkins;■Jacqueline Diamond
■Jamie Lee Scott;■Jana DeLeon;■Jenna Bennett;■Jennette Marie Powell
■Jennifer Colgan;■Jill James;■Joan Reeves;■Jordan Summers
■Joyce DeBacco;■Julia Phillips Smith;■Julianne MacLean
■Kandy Shepherd;■Kat Brookes;■Kate Kelly;■Kathleen Long
■Kathy Bennett
■L.j. Charles;■Laurel O'Donnell;■LD Madison;■Leslie Langtry
■Lia Slater;■Linda Andrews;■Linda Hall;■Linsey Lanier;■Liz Jasper
■Liza James;■Lynda Hilburn
Maggie Toussaint;■Maree Anderson;■Margery Scott;■Mary Marvella
■Minx Malone;■Misty Evans;■MJ Fredrick;■Mona Risk
■Nikita Black;■Nina Bruhns;■Nina Pierce;■Norah Wilson
■Opal Carew
■P.R. Mason;■P.T. Michelle;■Paty Jager;■Pepper Phillips;■PJ Sharon
■Renee Pace;
Sophia Knightly;■Steena Holmes;■Stephanie Queen;■Susan Speers
■Tamara Hunter;■Tara Manderino;■Tawny Stokes;■Tea Trelawny
■Theresa Ragan;■Tori Scott;■Trisha Wilson
■Vivi Anna;■Vivienne Westlake

The authors with highlighed names are also part of the
99cent EBOOKS blog
 with a special: buy 5 ebooks each at $0.99 and get an extra ebook free.

It's Christmas Season and holiday time. If you are shoping for wonderful gifts at wonderful prices stop by the 99cent EBOOKS blog 
or the Book Lovers' Buffet.

I cahnged my cover for RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN

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