Saturday, March 24, 2012

Greek Encounter

Product Description: Stefano Kostapoulos plans to demolish the dilapidated Pink Villa inherited from his grandmother and build a modern resort on the Greek island of Mykonos. But the American co-owner refuses to sell his shares and sends his attorney to Greece--a lawyer Stefano plans to shred to pieces at the hearing.
Except that Counselor Ashley Sheppard is a gorgeous redhead who knocks Stefano off his axis when he meets her incognito. Sparks fly during a first encounter that leads to a memorable night of passion.

In court, Ashley is in for a nasty surprise. Her handsome Greek god is the opponent. Her heart gnaws with pain, yet she attacks him with all her strength to defend her grandfather's case.

Stefano wins the lawsuit, but is about to lose Ashley. To keep her in Mykonos, he strikes a deal with his old enemy. Does Ashley dare to trust the Greek playboy? Or even understand her grandfather's strange change of heart regarding the Pink Villa?

5.0 out of 5 stars Hot Greek Romance, March 10, 2012
By H. M. Taylor "silvarie" - I've read all Mona Risk's books and enjoyed them, but this has to be my favorite. It captured my attention from the first page and I couldn't stop reading until Stefano and Ashley found their HEA. Stefano is a delicious hero, as hot as the Mediterranean sun and determined to do right by his family. Ashley is equally determined to see justice done for her grandfather. When the two go head to head sparks fly in more ways than one. Something I love about Mona Risk's books is the exotic settings. This book is full of lovely descriptions of Mykonos that transported me to the island and provided a wonderful backdrop for the romance. Recommended!

5.0 out of 5 stars A Vacation to Greece. Mona Risk whisks You Away, March 16, 2012 By Debbie A.- After reading Mona Risk's romances, I have become such a fan. This story is steamy with the fiesty Ashley meeting up with her very own sexy Greek god where sparks fly and motives clash. As in her other stories, the author makes you feel like you've taken a vacation and fallen in love. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning Visuals and Excitement, March 17, 2012
By Seniorcitizen -Mona Risk has a knack for making the reader savor every word in each of her novels, so real, as if you're there, whether it's Paris or Belarus, or here, on a beautiful yacht, in summer, in the stunning Greek Islands surrounded by turquoise seas. Ashley and Stefano set the beach on fire. This is basically two memorable love stories in one, and I enjoyed them both. I can't wait for her next novel.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very endearing characters against the breathtaking beauty of Mykonos Island, March 21, 2012 By Martha Paley Francescato "martísima"- No wasted time. We enter Mykonos Island and immediately meet Dimitri Stefano Alexios Kostapoulos, who is scanning the old villa facing the Aegean Sea - the house that was a sad page of his family's past. But what catches his attention is a vision in a green sarong with reddish blond hair who comes out of the dilapidated yard.

Meet Ashley Sheppard, the lawyer who has traveled from Boston to protect the interests of her grandfather. Stefano owns half of the house and he wants to tear it down to build a resort. He has the backing of all the people. But the other half is owned by George (Yorgho) Zanis, Ashley's grandfather, who had built the house for the love of Elena, the mayor's daughter. Theirs was a sad story, and everyone holds George responsible for what happened and consider him the enemy, as they think that he had dishonored and abandoned Stefano's grandmother, Yaya Elena, years ago.

Against this backdrop, Ashley Sheppard and Stefano Alexios (as he introduces himself to her so that she doesn't know who he is) have to be opposites in court, but not until they have fallen in love in just a few hours. Their attraction is intense, and we understand it. For him Ashley is the vision of Aphrodite - for Ashley he is a Greek god she thought belonged only to mythology.

We follow their tempestuous relationship throughout the book, with the background of the Aegean Sea and the wondrous beauty of the island, which we can appreciate together with Ashley from Stefano's yacht, the Athena.

It is not easy to express what we love more - the characters or the breathtaking beauty of the location. They are both equally endearing, as in this novel the male character is sincere and understanding. The past is a reflection of the love between Elena and Yorgho that is being passed on to their grandchildren, Stefano and Ashley, so that they can enjoy something that was denied to their grandparents.


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