Thursday, January 24, 2013


VALENTINE BABIES will be offered FREE on January 25 and 26, 2013.
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Four five-star reviews:
"This was a wonderful read, full of romance, danger and tender moments that
brought a tear to my eye."~ Loves Reading
"This is a great sweet and romantic read just in time for Valentines Day."~Snowdog
"Nobody writes a more tender love story than Mona Risk." Mary. R
"An emotional journey with characters you will grow attached to and cheer for."~ S. Hughes

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VALENTINE BABIES is a heartwarming story that will take you from the heart of Kentucky to South Florida and Atlanta, and then to Iraq and Germany.

Fearless reporter, Roxanne Ramsay, doesn’t think twice before traveling for important assignments, even in a war zone—until her last trip leads her to a life-altering mistake.

At his best friends’ wedding, Dr. Greg Hayes, who has a serious phobia of planes, can’t take his eyes off the lovely maid of honor. But why is Roxanne blinking away tears? Getting involved with the strong-headed and too generous reporter involves more complications than the bright doctor had ever faced in the OR. Yet what wouldn’t he do to save the love of his life and her baby?


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Such a darling cover!

Morgan Mandel

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Good morning, Mona.

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